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On April 19, 2023

The Board approved the following:

· Replace 2 stolen speed cameras with 2 new ones.  (Undesignated Funds, NTE $20K.)

· Approve Undesignated funding (NTE $2.5K) for shuttle service on 3 July 2023 from the bus parking lot, Country Club Park and the Clubhouse.

· Approved the Parking Lot Working Group recommendations. (CIP Funds, NTE $7K)

· Designated parking areas:

1. Gravel boat trailer parking (10-12 spaces) at top of parking lot at Clubhouse.

2. Marina Driveway – parking on the right side of the road will be for vehicles with trailers.

3. Marina Driveway – parking on the left side of the road ONLY for vehicles without trailers.

4. Signs added to assist in identifying parking.

5. Illegally parked vehicles will be cited with compliance violations.

· Clubhouse rentals:  PRP 14, Clubhouse changes:

1. Prohibit the rental of the Clubhouse on Memorial Day, July 3rd and 4th, and Labor Day weekends.

2. Large weddings provide a shuttle service for guests (parking at bus stop or Country Club Park). 

3. Guests receive a “Day of Event” parking placard. Placard must be displayed in vehicle while parked at Clubhouse or Beach II parking lots.

4. Parking on first come, first served.

· Placards: Use of placards for vehicles parking at the Clubhouse and Beach II on weekends and holidays (Memorial through Labor Day Weekends).

1. Placards must be visible in the parked vehicle on weekends and holidays during the summer season.

2. Residents/lot owners, in good standing, may request a maximum of 2 placards per lot. Tenants may use placards if the owner of the property has relinquished their right to have the placard from that rental property.

3. Placards will be registered in a data base with name of resident/lot owner, lot number, and assigned numbered placard.

4. Lost placards can be replaced for $50 per placard.  Once a new placard is assigned, the lost placard will be voided. Anyone using a voided placard, will lose their right to acquire/use a placard.

· Enforcement:

1. Walking patrol will make hourly visits through the lot, checking for placards displayed in vehicles. Standard Operating Procedures will be set up for patrols. 

2. Those vehicles without official placards will receive a citation ($50).

3. Repeat offenders will be cited and/or towed.

· July 3rd Shuttle service: The Working Group will organize a shuttle service, provided by a licensed company, to transport community members to and from the Clubhouse. It will make a loop approximately every 15 minutes, stopping at the bus stop parking lot and Country Club Park. This will reduce the number of cars needing to park in the Clubhouse parking lot.

· Propose changes to PRP #5, Entry, Road Use and Parking, to reflect the new rules once approved by the Board.

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