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On May 2, 2023

President’s Report

April 25, 2023

Spring projects are in full swing at Lake Holiday. 

Reading Landscape is completing spring maintenance of the new landscaping areas and will be adding annual flowers to the beds at the front gate in May.  They have completed a stone walkway with landscaping on the clubhouse side of Beach I which connects to the refurbished bridge and new steps to the patio.  Eight benches will be added around Beach I and a couple at Beach II by the playground. New beach rules signs will be added.

The jetty at Beach II has been completed and the board sea wall removed.  New sand will be added to the beach.

The old and new walking trails could not be completed until the ground was drier.  First, culverts will be installed on some of the existing trails to prevent the wash outs that were occurring there.  Then the new trail extending from the bus stop to Masters Drive will be created.

At a special board meeting in April, the Board approved the purchase of two new speed cameras.  These cameras are more expensive because they will take photos from 12 feet off the ground.  Two locations will be chosen for permanent placement on poles.  The Board is in support of additional speed cameras.  The goal will be to budget for two more in 2024.  Roving patrol, with the radar gun, has done a great job catching speeders while we have been without cameras.  It is unfortunate that we have to spend more of your money to replace the cameras that were stolen.

On April 12th, the lakeholidaycc.org website was placed behind a firewall with owner log-in required for a majority of the website. If you have not set up your log in and password, do so soon.  To obtain a parking placard for the clubhouse parking lot and Beach II, you will need to sign in to fill out the form to request one. Once a date is announced for moving to the new visitor management system, you will only be able to register guests through the password protected website.

At the special meeting in April, the board approved the clubhouse parking lot plan recommendations worked on by the working group led by board director, Mary Lewia.  She and the other members of the group worked very hard within a limited time frame to make this happen for this season.  There was a Town Hall in February to present ideas to and from the community and lots of time spent on implementing the changes. Parking placards placed on a vehicle’s dashboard will be required on weekends and holidays during the summer – Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day for the clubhouse, marina and Beach II. The office will provide one or two placards per lot, and each placard will have a unique number which will be registered in a database. Owners will have to register on the website and fill out a form to receive a placard.  Lost placards can be replaced for $50.  Walking patrol will make hourly visits through the lot, checking for these and issuing violations.  Vehicles may also be towed.  In order for a tenant to receive a placard, the owner of that property will have to officially relinquish their rights to them. Parking will still be on a first come first serve basis.

Please remember: GUESTS ARE TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN OWNER AT ALL TIMES when using LHCC amenities including the beaches and the picnic area!

There will be parking for up to 12 vehicles towing boat trailers in a new crushed gravel lot at the top of Lakeview Drive. Marina Drive’s right side will also be only for vehicles towing boat trailers.  Only vehicles can park on the left side.  A placard will be required for Marina Drive parking as well. Signs clearly indicating the new parking rules will be installed. The placards will also have rules on the back.

Clubhouse rentals for a private event will receive a special placard at the front gate.  There will be no reserved spaces for events, parking will be first come, first serve only. Events will be encouraged to use Country Club Park and the bus stop for parking and possibly to hire a shuttle bus service.

The Association will hire a shuttle service for July 3rd to help manage parking for the fireworks. Vehicles can park at the bus stop and Country Club Park and a bus will pick them up and bring them to the clubhouse.

Carl Simms, who ran everything in Lake Holiday for two decades and was president of the Board of Directors, general manager of the association and owner of the golf course property for that entire time, passed away on April 21 at the age of 96.  He played an enormous role in Lake Holiday’s history and will be remembered by many of us who lived here during those turbulent times!

Pat Majewski

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