April 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On June 19, 2023

General Manager’s Report

Maintenance Department Updates

The maintenance team has preassembled the ten new benches purchased in February and will begin installing them over the next few weeks.  The benches are constructed from high-quality materials and should provide many years of service to the community.

Sign backers for the new beach signage acquired for all three beach locations have been constructed by the maintenance team and the new signage is being installed this month as the team’s workflow allows. 

Leg kits for new picnic tables were delivered in February and the maintenance team has sourced the necessary lumber, assembled, and painted the six new tables.  These new tables have now been placed into service in common areas.

The maintenance team worked on drainage areas and on leaf removal from common areas throughout the community over the winter months and will resume working on this ongoing maintenance in the fall. They managed to get most areas completed at least once over the winter as conditions allowed. However, leaves have continued to blow into the ditches throughout the winter and some areas have a significant accumulation of leaves again. Until time allows for concentrated efforts at leaf removal again this fall, the crew will only be addressing current accumulations on an as needed basis when leaves are creating observable waterflow issues as the team must now concentrate on grass maintenance, recreational season preparations and ongoing daily tasks.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our members that leaf litter from private lots is not to be purposefully blown, swept, etc. into the common areas but rather is the responsibility of the lot owner to collect and remove it from their property.  An open top dumpster is available at the LHCC trash facility for the disposal of yard debris.  Also, please note that it is the responsibility of lot owners to maintain their driveway entrance culverts and to keep them clear of obstruction so that they can accommodate waterflow as designed.  These culverts were approved for installation by the association to allow ingress and egress from individual lots but do remain the responsibility of the lot owner and not the association as they are for the sole benefit of those individual lots.  Please check your private drive culvert routinely to be certain it is not blocked or collapsed. This will serve to protect both your and your neighbors’ properties from flooding during heavy rain events.

Project Updates:

Tennis Court Parking Lot

In accordance with the Board’s approval in February, Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance was contracted to stripe parking lines on the tennis court parking lot per the design plan from Greenway Engineering.  This work was completed at a cost of $1,250. 

Clubhouse Truck/Trailer Parking Area

Keystone Builders has completed grading and stone installation in the dedicated vehicle-with-boat trailer parking area (by Lakeview Rd at the Clubhouse) as approved by the Board in February.  Approximately two inches of compacted stone was installed throughout the area, and concrete parking blocks have been installed to help delineate the spaces.  Prior to major holidays and events, these spaces may be temporarily striped with ground marking paint to help guide those parking trailers into their individual spots.  These markings will not last long but should be helpful for peak usage during events.

Beach II Groin

Keystone has completed the construction of the Beach II groin in accordance with the design submitted to and approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers. I filed the required Compliance Certification form upon completion to officially close out the permit and notify the Corps that we are ready for an inspection should they wish to conduct one.  Now that the groin is in place, the maintenance crew will be installing sand on the beach in preparation for the upcoming recreational season.

Walking Trails

Work on the existing common area gravel walking trails began today. This work will include the installation of additional culverts and drainage channels in problematic areas where the trails have been washed out, and the installation of additional compacted stone to repair the path surfaces.  Construction of the new trails approved last fall will begin once this repair work is completed and ground conditions allow.  The construction of new walking trails requires dry ground conditions to ensure desirable outcomes, at this time conditions are good, if they remain so, we can begin on the new trails around the end of the month.

2023 Tar and Chip Applications

It is time to begin preparations for another round of tar and chip applications if we are to move forward in 2023.  The Board indicated last year that they were agreeable to completing a round of applications in 2022, 2023, and 2024.  Once all three rounds are completed (completing applications on all roadways requiring treatment) we could then evaluate conditions to determine when the next three rounds would begin.  Before compiling a list of this year’s roads and associated yardages for vendor pricing, I would like to confirm that the Board desires to move forward with round two this year.  I would also like to discuss with the Board the local market and the process for obtaining pricing prior to beginning the preparatory work and going out for pricing. 

Additional Funding Required for Technology Transformation Work

The ongoing technology updates to the website, member login capability, Backoffice digitization, workflow modernization, and the guest registration process/CapSure replacement have progressed significantly this year.  However, we have nearly reached the limit of the funding allocated in this year’s budget.  The budget for 2023 was created prior to commencement of the actual work and was a best guess estimate at that time. To complete the work already underway, including CapSure replacement, it is estimated that additional funding of up to $12k will be required. Upon completion of the CapSure replacement (projected to be completed this fall) the association will save approximately $19k per year in CapSure related expenses. I recommend that the Board approve the funding to allow the completion of this work which is already well underway.    

Submitted April 19, 2023, by:    Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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