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Written by Anthony Morelli

On April 21, 2018

Just a reminder from the Architectural Committee regarding street address signage.

We’ve discovered during our reviews that many street address numbers are faded, obscure, or in some cases, nonexistent. These numbers must be visible from the street, especially for emergency services. Listed below are the guidelines.

Signs with Street Address Numbers

Signs with street address numbers are required for all residences subject to the following restrictions, and except as otherwise provided by law:

a) The numbers shall not be less than four inches in height and shall be made of durable and clearly visible material. The number shall be conspicuously placed on, above, or at the side of the main entrance so that the number is discernible from the street.

b) Whenever a building is more than 50 feet from the street or when the entrance is not visible from the street, the number shall also be placed along a walk, driveway, or another suitable location so that the address number is discernible from the street.

c) Numbers or letters shall be of a contrasting color to the background on which they are mounted. Script or written numbers are prohibited.

d) Building number together with a street name shall meet the same specifications stated above.

(Sign Guidelines on Private Lots – Resolution 2010-05)

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