August 2022 General Manager’s Report


Written by Judy

On August 23, 2022

August 2022

Paving and Tar and Chip Updates

Carroll Construction has completed the paving of the Lakeview Drive, Sunset Circle, and Yieders Run mail stations in accordance with the proposals approved by the Board at the June 28, 2022, Board meeting. These paving projects came in on budget as proposed with a total cost of $46,090.00 While onsite, Carroll paved the handicap parking area at the marina at a cost of $7,860.00 and patched additional areas in preparation for the upcoming round of tar and chip applications. Tar and Chip applications are tentatively scheduled to begin after Labor Day. Once that schedule has been firmed up, email notifications will be sent out to the community detailing the anticipated schedule along with a listing of the areas to be treated during this year’s work phase.

While Carroll had a motor grader onsite, I was able to engage with them to grade the steepest grades of the roadway leading to the southside emergency exit road and beach III. Those hills were showing significant erosion and rutting prior to the regrading and were much improved by the grading and rolling undertaken. Additional work addressing drainage issues is planned along the roadway there this fall.

Leaf Vacuum Engine Replacement

The replacement engine for the association’s leaf vac has been ordered and will be installed as soon as it has been delivered to Shade Equipment and their scheduling allows, this should allow the leaf vac to be placed back in service by leaf fall later this year.

Tractor Repairs and Upgrade Replacement Recommendations

The Association’s 4-wheel drive Kubota M7060 tractor has been repaired and is now back in service.  The entire front axle assembly required rebuilding at a total cost of roughly $6,000.00.  This tractor has had recurring issues (various) beginning shortly after the factory warranty expired, and I do not recommend continuing to utilize Kubota products in the future due to the experience the association has had with this tractor as I do not believe Kubota’s product is what it once was in terms of reliability and value.  As I recommended last month, I believe the association should trade in the smaller 2017 Kubota (MX5200) and replace it with another larger 4-wheel drive tractor capable of standing in if/when the M7060 has need of repairs, and capable of accomplishing the same tasks simultaneously alongside the M7060 when both are in service.  With this in mind, we have obtained two quotes for tractors with similar capabilities. Locally, we are limited to only a few manufacturers due to the need for local servicing after acquisition. The readily available options are Kubota, John Deere, and Mahindra. Although Mahindra ratings appear to have improved since our last investigation of the brand, user reviews still detail issues with reliability and parts/service availability.  With this in mind, we did not seek a quote for that brand.

The two quotes received are from Winchester Equipment for a Kubota 5660SU, and from Virginia Tractor for a John Deere 5055E. Both tractors have similar horsepower ratings to the M7060, and both quotes include a trade in value allowance for the Kubota MX 5200.  The Kubota carries only a 2-year powertrain warranty while the John Deere carries a 5-year powertrain warranty. In addition, the John Deere engine utilizes a sleeved cylinder bore design.  Such a design allows an engine to be more easily and effectively rebuilt should engine failure occur, while the non-sleeved Kubota engine may suffer catastrophic damage if engine failure occurs resulting a need for complete replacement (such as we experienced with the M7060 in 2020). 

The primary drawback of going with the John Deere is that the backhoe attachment for the Kubota will not work on the John Deere. As such, the John Deere quote also includes a backhoe attachment as a part of the purchase. If the Board should decide to move forward with the John Deere option, this will give the association a higher level of capability redundancy and allow both tractors to utilize backhoe attachments simultaneously when needed.

Due to the number of issues and the related repair expenses related to the current Kubota, I recommend replacing the MX 5200 with the John Deere 5055E. The total cost after trade in allowance would be $47,189.88 including the second backhoe attachment. Delivery from time of purchase is estimated at 8 weeks. I would defer to Treasurer Noble regarding funding sources and options if the Board chooses to move forward as recommended.

Roadside Tree Trimming Recommendations

I have received a solid verbal estimate for the cutting back of vegetation along all paved roadways (developed areas) within Lake Holiday in accordance with the recommendations I made to the Board in July. The estimated expense is slightly under $50k for all such areas and was based upon a detailed inspection and evaluation of all included areas by our vendor. Pricing includes traffic control during all operations (flaggers with radio headsets) and the vendor has documented workers comp insurance as well as general liability coverage of $1million. This vendor has worked with the association for many years, is highly dependable, conscientious of member needs as well as community aesthetics, and has always provided top quality services. If engaged to undertake the clearing, the vendor would do so by well-defined sections finishing a given area in one continuous operation once begun, with completion of the entire developed area within 1 year of commencement. The LHCC GM would inspect each area upon completion to be certain the work is in accordance with expectations. Vegetation cutback would be dependent upon location specifics, but in general, all intrusive vegetation would be cut back at least 10’ from the roadway and would be cut up to a height of 20 -25’ above ground level. Any intrusive trees such as redbuds, locusts, sumacs, and autumn olives would be removed from the ditch areas.  In areas where trees have been purposefully planted out near the roadway by members, the vendor will use discretion and work with members to cut back only as necessary, to maintain aesthetics, and not to negatively impact such plantings unless necessary for safety or for roadway/ditch protection.

In my opinion, this work desperately needs to be undertaken as soon as possible. As such, I recommend funding be allocated for such work with a budget of $50k being established with the expectation that the roadway vegetation will be cut back over the course of a 12-month period beginning this fall. Once completed, such work would need to be undertaken again in approximately eight years. I will again defer to Treasurer Noble for funding source options if the Board chooses to proceed in this manner.

Annual Dam Inspection Report

I conducted the required LHCC annual dam inspection, produced the required report, and submitted it to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) in July. On August 5, 2022, I received confirmation from the DCR that the report had been reviewed and accepted by Dr. Zhengang (Michael) Wang, our region’s DCR dam engineer. I plan to exercise our weir’s knife gate later this fall as I have not done so yet this year.  Dr. Wang has recommended that we do so at least once yearly. In 2023, an engineer’s inspection will again be required. We currently are engaged with Viola Engineering for these services and will plan to have Mark Viola conduct the inspection in 2023.

Submitted August 18, 2022, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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