Country Club Park Officially Opens!

More than 85 members of the community and guests celebrated the May 11th, 2019 Grand Opening of Lake Holiday's new Country Club Park with a morning of dedications and demonstrations. Terri Ward, who submitted the winning name of Country Club Park, had the honors of...

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Our Hiking Trails at Lake Holiday

OUR HIKING TRAILS - A Community Treasure Among the treasures of our common area are the hiking trails. Many people find it refreshing to spend time close to nature, and in Lake Holiday this opportunity is abundant. Over the years, members of the Buildings &...

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Folks Are Asking: What’s a Hub?

What is the Community Hub at Lake Holiday? You may have heard the term “hub” used by members of the Board of Directors (BOD) and others in the community and wondered what they were talking about. In Lake Holiday, it is the area on Country Club Drive where the former...

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Beach III Additions

While strolling along the Beach III area, it was very nice to notice some additional accommodations to make visitors' experiences more pleasurable. A couple of picnic tables were added in and amongst the tree line for visitors who bring a bite to eat while relaxing...

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