Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!

It’s fall again and leaves are everywhere – again. Please DO NOT rake or dispose of leaves into the lake or culverts. They break down into silt and phosphorous which is bad for the fish and other aquatic creatures. Leaves in culverts clog drainage systems and...

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Boaters Reminded to Mind Their Distances

Keep Your Distance! The Lake Committee would like to remind boat operators to stay 100 feet away from shore in the high-speed boating area. Visual examples of this distance have been painted along the marina dock at the boat launch and the guard rail over the dam road...

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Carp Exclusionary Zones

Carp Exclusionary Zones Placed Around Lake:  Four yellow half circle enclosures have been strategically placed at different locations in Lake Holiday as Carp Exclusionary Zones.  These devices were Board-approved as part of the 2019 Princeton Hydro Contract. The four...

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Lake-Related Dos and Don’ts

Lake-Related Dos and Don’ts For Summer and Boating Season: Summer has nearly arrived and boating season is here. The Lake Committee would like to make you aware and remind you of several items related to The Lake at Lake Holiday. BOAT TRAILER ENTRY:  PRP5 Entry, Road...

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