Winter Songbirds of Lake Holiday

Dark-Eyed Junco The Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco hiemalis) is an elegant bird with a flashy slate-gray and white tail and a pink bill. Juncos are sparrows and are often seen feeding on the ground in large flocks. They can also be seen at bird feeders if you put out...

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Autumn Splendor at Lake Holiday

As we move through the autumn season, leaves are wrapping up the color-changing display and falling from the trees, it's nice to share some photos that came in from residents which demonstrate just how stunningly beautiful our community is! Drone shots by Sean Winfrey...

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Around Our Grounds, November 2019

Did you know that feeding deer in our Lake Holiday Community and all of Frederick County is banned year-round?  Illegal feeding of deer is subject to a county fine of up to $500.  Residents are asked to please comply with this law. It is important to follow...

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Around Our Grounds: Orchids, Monarchs, and More

Orchid Sightings - Last summer during August, more than 30 orchids were seen along the edges of the fairways that are now part of the Disc Golf Course in Country Club Park. Orchids were found near Disc Golf Holes 1, 3, 10, 15 and 18, around groups of trees on the site...

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OMG! A Snake!

One of the main benefits of living out in nature is getting to see lots of beautiful native wildlife.  However, we tend to pick and choose which of these creatures we like and which we consider pests. Too often, snakes fall into the latter category when they actually...

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