Clubhouse Rental


Written by Judy

On January 17, 2023

As the busier clubhouse rental season approaches, Lake Holiday would like to remind all owners and tenants that would like to rent the clubhouse to familiarize yourself with the clubhouse PRP.

The complete Policies, Rules, and Procedures for the clubhouse can be found here:

PRP-14-Clubhouse.pdf (

A few key points are:

Members or tenants making reservations or renting the Clubhouse facilities must:

1. Complete, sign and submit a Rental Agreement to the office at least thirty (30) days, but no more than one (1) year, in advance of the event date.

2. Requests are accommodated on a first come, first served basis.

3. Security deposit must be paid at the time of the reservation to hold the date.

4. The security deposit will be cashed and refunded to the member or tenant if the clubhouse cleanup and rental checklist has been completed.

5. The member host must attend the event; remain with their invited guests at all times; and be responsible for their guests’ behavior and actions while in Lake Holiday.

6. When renting the Clubhouse, a member shall: a. Obtain and maintain General Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Such insurance shall name Lake Holiday Country Club, Inc. as an additional insured. This certificate of insurance must be provided at least thirty days (30) prior to the event. Members can add an event rider to their homeowner’s policy, use their umbrella liability policy or obtain a special event policy. Tenants will be required to obtain a special event policy.

7. A documented (checklist) inspection of the Clubhouse shall be performed by LHCC staff and the member host prior to and following an event for purposes of assessing any damage, assessing a fee for the removal of helium-filled balloons, and/or any required clean-up costs.

Thank you for your understanding,

Lake Holiday Country Club Staff

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