Community Survey


Written by Judy

On June 2, 2022

2022 Lake Holiday Country Club Survey Results

The results of the 2022 survey, conducted June 16-July 8, are now available. We appreciate everyone who took the time to take the survey. We value your input.

How the View the Survey Results:

The next step will be for LHCC’s Board Liaisons to work with their respective committees to review the results and open-ended comments and report back to the board in November the actions they intend to take based on the community’s input. MPC will also incorporate these actions and any additional board direction into an updated Master Plan and any proposed CIP budget items for 2024 and beyond.

A special thank you to our volunteers that comprised the 2022 Survey Task Team and our survey firm, Whorton Research.

About LHCC’s Survey:

The purpose of the survey, conducted every five-years, is to gather data to assist the LHCC’s Board, Master Planning and other Committees in assessing priorities of association members and tenants regarding community resources, and identifying potential new projects that if approved, would require Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funding.

The survey was open to association owner and tenant respondents, and sections of the survey were designed to gather demographics, clarify results from previous surveys, and assess emerging or potential issues and opportunities facing the community.

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