Defibrillator Facts


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 15, 2020

Did You Know?

There are two automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at Lake Holiday. One unit is located under the deck at the lower level of the Clubhouse’s exterior wall in a clearly marked box. The other unit is in the Haines Security roving patrol vehicle.

The first unit is a Phillips HeartStart FRx AED, and the other is a ZOLL® AED. Both devices have a long battery shelf life and adult and infant/child cartridge electrode pads that are tested and replaced at regular intervals, according to manufacturer guidelines.

If you need help, immediately call 911.

When someone needs help due to an injury, illness or is in immediate danger, ask someone near you to call 911 to initiate an emergency response. If you are alone, call 911 and use your phone’s speaker function so you can communicate hands-free and provide the dispatcher with critical details to better assess and respond to the incident.

Do not call the Front Gate.

Haines Security team members can monitor when 911 has been dispatched and are typically expecting the arrival of emergency responders. Within Lake Holiday, if roving security is on patrol, the gate will contact the security employee to determine the ability of this individual to assist until emergency personnel arrive and take over.

Anyone can come to the aid of an individual in distress. AED devices provide easy-to-understand guides for turning on the machine and applying the pads. Model configurations differ from one another, however, generally they provide step-by-step audio prompts and real-time visual guidance. To help deliver the best possible CPR, a compression depth indicator confirms “good compressions,” or instructs the user to “push harder,” when administering potentially life-saving CPR.

“The Good Samaritan Law” (§8.01-225 of the Virginia Code) encourages citizens of Virginia to help one another in times of crisis where quick action is needed and the time for emergency personnel to arrive is not enough. This protection applies to any individual that renders aid in an emergency.

Training in the use of these life saving devices is a priority for current Lake Holiday employees and new employees as they are onboarded.

What information do I need to provide in an emergency?

“What is the emergency?” Give a brief and concise description, such as someone has passed out, seems very sick, is having a hard time speaking, or can’t breathe or is turning blue.

“Where are you?” Give the address or location and any landmarks that will help first responders find you.

“Who needs help?” If you know the individual, provide their name and if possible, their age and any known medical issues. If the individual is unknown to you, provide as much information as possible.

“What happened?” Provide as much information as you can observe.

“Who is with you?” Tell the dispatcher if you are alone with the individual or others are around you. You may need to ask for help while you stay on the phone. If you need to report a non-life-threatening issue, call the Frederick County Non-Emergency Sheriff’s Office at 540-662-6168.

(Note: Haines Security is unable to monitor calls made to this number.)


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