Donation Projects Committee Recruiting


Written by Judy

On August 27, 2018

The Donation Project Committee (DPC) is looking for volunteers to join this interesting committee to explore potential projects that would utilize resources that would be donated by interested parties!  It has come to the Board of Director’s attention that there are members within the community that would like additional amenities that might not otherwise be funded.  The interested parties have also expressed that they are willing to try to fund these ideas either on their own or by seeking pledges; something similar to GoFundMe or Kickstarter.  With this in mind the Board decided to approve the creation of new committee. The DPC is being created to help facilitate these opportunities, but it cannot operate without the help of volunteers!

What type of projects are possible?  Any project is possible provided that the idea can be “sold” to the Board of Directors.

Why might a project be turned down?  Our current Bylaws require that any amenity within Lake Holiday must be maintained by the Association.  Therefore, the long-term maintenance of the project will merit significant consideration.  However, expense could be built into the Board’s initial funding requirement.  Other work-arounds are being considered, but we are required to operate within the framework of our governing documents, which includes our Bylaws.

So what will this committee do?  The committee will create a process for project organizers (the people who want a particular amenity) to submit their projects, provide a means for fundraising (such as access to the newsletter and email blasts), interact with existing committees, and eventually submit the proposal to the Board for potential approval. Once the process has been adopted (a draft has already been created) the committee will only meet on an as-needed basis. The committee people will not be responsible for actively seeking donations unless you want to specifically participate in the project’s development.

What if you have an amenity that you’d like to see at Lake Holiday?  The expected process will require you to fill out an application describing the amenity.  The DPC will seek comments from related committees and the GM.  Then the committee would present a Tab to the Board seeking tentative approval.  If tentative approval is obtained, you’ll have to start the funding phase whereby you’ll seek pledges to fund the project and also start detailed planning for implementation.  If you gain enough pledges to fund the project and have a detailed implementation plan, final Board approval is the next step.  Once obtained, the project can begin.  If you appropriate funding cannot be obtained, the project is then withdrawn from consideration.

If you are interested in being on this committee please contact Scott Simko or Terry Hardgrave ( or

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