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On July 19, 2023

PRP 16 establishes the election and voting process to be followed by Members, LHCC Administrative Office Staff and the Independent Vote Administrator, ensuring that all aspects of the election process are in compliance with the Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act, the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act and LHCC Governing Documents.

Election Schedule

Using the current year’s calendar date for the fourth Saturday in October as the baseline, other key
election activity dates may then be established, based on the number of calendar days prior to that day,
as follows:

  • 180+ calendar days prior – Board of Directors appoints the Nominating Committee at its
    regular April Meeting.
  • 92 calendar days prior (13 weeks plus 1 day), on Friday – Letter from the Nominating Committee mailed to all Members, soliciting candidates for the Board and outlining resume submittal guidelines.
  • 77 calendar days prior (11 weeks), on Saturday – 1st Candidate Briefing Session.
  • 59 calendar days prior (8 weeks plus 3 days), on Wednesday – 2nd Candidate Briefing Session.
  • 45 calendar days prior (6 weeks plus 3 days), on Wednesday – Candidate biographies/position statements are due by 5 p.m. at the LHCC Administrative Office. Each candidate shall also submit a signed statement, provided by the LHCC Management Office, indicating their intent to comply with the most recent version of the LHCC Code of Conduct and Goldberg’s Rules of Order. (If submitted electronically, the communication must have an electronic record showing
    submission by this deadline.)
  • 36 days prior (5 weeks plus 1 day), on Friday – Mailing of Official Notice of Annual Meeting of Members.
  • 28 days prior (4 weeks), on Saturday – Candidates Forum.
  • 15 days prior (2 weeks plus 1 day), on Friday – Official Record Date.
  • 2 days prior, on Thursday – Absentee Ballots due by 5 p.m. at the LHCC Office.
  • 1 day prior, on Friday – Meeting between the Independent Vote Administrator, Office Staff and Nominating Committee representatives

Voting Procedures

Each individual lot that a Member owns shall be represented by one ballot. Voting for more candidates
than there are open positions on the Board will result in disqualification of the ballot.
There are two ways that a Member may cast his/her ballot, including:

  • In-Person Voting: After proper check-in and determination of eligibility, a Member will receive a
    ballot, which must be cast by 10:30 a.m. to be counted.
  • Absentee Ballot: Each Member may vote by absentee ballot. . Once submitted, an absentee
    ballot may not be retracted or changed unless it is withdrawn by the Member in-person at the
    Annual Meeting of Members. Absentee ballots must be received at the LHCC Office by the date
    and time specified in the official Notice of Annual Meeting of Members. Absentee ballots received
    by mail shall be placed into the absentee ballot box in their unopened mail-in envelope. The
    absentee ballot box shall be conspicuously placed in the LHCC Office so that members who
    hand-deliver their absentee ballots to the office may place them directly therein. Members
    submitting an absentee ballot by electronic means will be provided details in the Official Notice of
    Annual Meeting of Members, Measures shall be taken to control ballot security and access only
    by the Independent Voting Administrator.

For more about election day and the tabulation of votes, see PRP 16 here.

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