February 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On March 2, 2023

Insurance Agent Presentation

It has been many years since the Association’s Insurance Agent has met directly with the Board. With the rapidly changing nature of the insurance market, we believe it would benefit the Board to meet your agent and better understand the valuable services that her team provides for the Association. In consultation with the LHCC Board President, Dr. Pat Majewski, management has invited our McGriff Commercial Insurance Account Manager, Shannon Grogg, to attend the Board meeting on February 28th. Ms. Grogg is currently shopping the market of underwriters to ensure that LHCC is receiving the most favorable pricing possible among highly rated insurance companies. Her team works closely with management to review insurance needs, identify areas where coverage may be lacking, and create a package of policies that provides the necessary coverage at the best possible pricing while utilizing only highly rated coverage sources. This process is undertaken yearly. Ms. Grogg will be able to provide an overview of this process, update us on where we are in this year’s packaging process, and answer any applicable questions the Board may have.

Registration and Paperwork Deadline Reminders, Upcoming Saturday Office Hours

It is again that time of year when paperwork and payments are due for many items. As a reminder, payments for the retention of boat slips and kayak/canoe racks are due by 5 pm on March 7th, and payments for the retention of storage area parking spots are due by 5 pm on March 14th.

The office will be open from 9 am – 12 pm on Saturday, March 4th, to provide an opportunity for boat registrations, slip payment, etc., for those members who may have a tough time getting to the office during the regular office schedule.

Maintenance Department Updates

The Lake Holiday Maintenance Team has been working hard to complete a large number of projects before the summer recreational season and is doing so while continuing to provide for the day-to-day maintenance needs of the community. Under the Supervision of Department Head Cary Allamong, the crew has accomplished much over the past month while continuing with ongoing efforts to simultaneously remove leaf debris from community ditch lines.

Some of the work completed includes:

Removal, reinforcement, straightening, and painting of the steel bridge crossing the drainage area between the Clubhouse and the beach area.

 The cleaning out, redefining, and rip-rap stone lining of the drainage ways surrounding beach I. This work should help alleviate much of the sand erosion on the beach during heavy rains. The Association is working with Reading Landscapes to design and create a stone path that will lead to the bridge along the top of the newly defined berm, to provide for the final manicuring of the berm, and to design a planting scheme for the berm slope. This work should nicely finish the work already completed by our maintenance team. Once this work has been completed, our maintenance team will install the bridge decking.

The team has repainted the concession store area in the Clubhouse in preparation for the upcoming season and the return of Lakeview Snacks and More.

Upcoming and in-progress work:

The maintenance team is currently assembling the ten seating benches approved by the Board in January and will install those as time and weather allow before the recreational season.

New signage for all three beaches has been purchased, and the team will build the six necessary sign backers (some of the signs will be double-sided) and install those before the recreational season.

Picnic table leg kits have been ordered to match those utilized last year and are now on hand. The crew will source the necessary lumber and build six new tables in the coming months.

The crew will install a pressure-treated border around the two pavilions at the dog park and a crushed stone surface within. Once this has been completed, picnic tables are planned for both pavilions.

Project Updates:

Beach II Groin

The Association has received approval and permitting from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create the groin (commonly refe1Ted to as a jetty) at beach II. The Board approved the creation of the groin in 2022, and thanks to the hard work of volunteer Jim Pagenkopf, LHCC was able to apply for the permit without the help of outside agencies. Many thanks to Jim!

Now that the permit has been approved, Jim and I will meet with Don Cook for a preconstruction meeting early next month. The project will be underway as soon as scheduling and material acquisition allows.

Walking Trails

Keystone Builders will repair the existing gravel walking trails in the coming month if the weather allows (or as soon as it does). This will include the installation of some new culvert pipes and restoring the gravel surface where it has washed out. Keystone will also begin constructing the next phase of the trail system. This work is weather dependent as the frozen or wet soggy ground is prohibitive.

 The new section of trail will include the installation of approximately nine culverts, and we are hopeful that these can be installed even under less-than-ideal ground conditions to save time once ground conditions 11nprove.

Tennis Court Vandalism

On Monday, February 20th, 2023, around midday, an individual tore down the tennis court practice board and tossed it into the edge of the woods. He then proceeded to play tennis with others. The individual, the people he played tennis with, and their vehicles were recorded on video. Unfortunately, a license plate number was not apparent in the video obtained. The Sheriff’s office is investigating the incident. If you have any information regarding this act of destruction of private property, we ask that you come forward and help the Association to prosecute the offender. Every member of the Association has to foot the bill for such incidents as your dues pay for the replacement/reinstallation of items such as this that are vandalized.

Submitted February 22nd, 2023, by Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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