February 2023 President’s Report


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On March 2, 2023

February 28, 2023

There has been a lot of discussion on unofficial Lake Holiday Facebook pages and suggestions provided to the Board for improving the parking lot overcrowding during the summer weekends. Everyone needs to be aware that anything the Association implements will cost money, and the money the Association earns derives primarily from each member’s assessments. Most members don’t want their assessments raised to pay for a solution, so the solution the Board implements must have significant value added for a reasonable cost.

The Town Hall meeting on Saturday, Feb 25th, will review what the Parking Solution Working Group recommends and hear the community’s feedback and ideas. Mary Lewia, leader of the working group, will present a summary of the Town Hall at this board meeting.

The Town Hall is also presenting to the community the member log-in for the website, which will place a significant amount of association material behind password protection. This new feature will begin immediately. A new visitor management system will be rolled out by May to replace Capsure. This will be behind the member log-in as well. The Board will be deciding what information will go behind this firewall.

There is some progress on exploring having a digital sign replace the letter sign at the front gate. The county will require a permit, SVEC will need to trench and run the electrical line, an electrician will have to place a meter and breaker box and connect to the sign, and will require an additional $25/month electric charge. A concrete foundation will have to be built to hold the sign. Equipment may need to be rented to place the sign on the hill at the entry in front of the new trees and behind the stone walls.

Now that the clubhouse interior has been refreshed, there is one more project to consider for the great room – there is room for two groupings of photos on the walls – a collage of images of Lake Holiday. One of our members, a great amateur photographer, who has owned a home in the community since 1996, has posted new photos on Facebook for his friends to enjoy almost every day. He has many beautiful photos of animals and birds at Lake Holiday and has offered any we may wish to use. We could also ask other members to submit photos of Lake Holiday.

One of the goals for this year will be to replace the deck on the clubhouse. We are receiving estimates for the deck and considering the replacement of the concrete patio underneath the deck in the back of the clubhouse. The funds for this project will be taken out of Replacement Reserve.

Reading Landscape has completed the new entry landscaping project. Annuals will be added in the spring to all the front gate beds. Board directors have received many compliments on how good the entry area looks. This spring, Reading will finish the work by Beach I, including a crushed stone pathway on the right side of the beach extending from near the top of the beach entry to the bridge. Maintenance has completed renovating the riprap, smoothing the top of the berm, and replacing the bridge. A railing and plantings will be added to the back patio.

Pat Majewski

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