Trash Facility Violations


Written by Judy

On April 20, 2022

From the Compliance Committee comes news that, thanks to an improved camera and hard work on the part of the administrative staff, the Compliance Committee has seen 0 trash facility violations coming before it. .

The sign at the facility makes it clear what is and is not permitted to be thrown out in the dumpster under Lake Holiday’s rules. Anything beyond those parameters costs the Association more money and if the trash compacter is broken because something other than normal household trash is put in it, we have to pay to have it fixed.

The fine for not following the rules is $50 for each occurrence. With the new camera, violators will be caught and the Compliance Committee will do its job, so avoid the fine and take anything that is listed as not permitted to the Frederick County trash facility for which your tax dollars are already paying.

Below are the Policies, Rules and Procedures for Waste Management in Lake Holiday



A trash compactor for the purpose of waste management is located at the Association Maintenance
Facility on West Masters Drive. Only resident’s household trash/refuse generated within Lake Holiday
may be disposed of at the Association waste management location(s). Trash generated outside of the
community is prohibited for disposal within the community. All users of Association facilities must be
either resident members in good standing or tenants of members in good standing. Use by others is

Hours of operation are posted at the Administration Office, at the Maintenance Facility (compactor), and
on the Association website.

The trash compactor at the Maintenance Facility is the only authorized location within community for any
property owner to dispose of their approved household waste. Private contractor dumpsters located at
building sites are for the sole use of the contractor and are not to be used by property owners.

The compactor is for ordinary household trash only. Trash should be bagged or boxed before being
deposited in the compactor. Empty cardboard boxes, if not being recycled, should be flattened. All trash
must fit into the compactor. All disposal guidelines posted at the Association site as well as at Frederick
County Citizen’s Convenience Center sites must be followed.

Large, bulky items must be taken directly to the Frederick County Landfill Center.

Leaving trash or other items on the premises around the compactor or elsewhere in the Maintenance
Facility is strictly prohibited. The site is monitored and violations rules will result in a Compliance Violation


If you observe illegal dumping, please call the Administration Office. The Association will take action.

Please report, if possible: the license plate of the vehicle in question, the date, and the time of the

The list below is not all-inclusive, but includes many of the items that should never be disposed of in or
around the compactor.

 Hazardous Waste of any kind: pesticides, paint, batteries, oil, gas, kerosene, etc.
 Appliances: ranges, dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens
 Furniture, mattresses, bed frames
 Electronic equipment/devices: televisions, computers, monitors, air conditioners
 Demolished structures: doghouses, sheds, home interior items, cabinetry
 Construction materials: drywall, paint, roofing, lumber, block, concrete, insulation materials
 Large toys such as kiddie pools, swing sets, playhouses
 Yard waste

Leaves and trimmings from trees and shrubbery are to be placed in the area designated for such material
at the Maintenance Facility and are not to be placed in the compactor.

Violations of these rules will result in a Compliance Violation citation.


Hazardous waste is not to be placed in the compactor, at the compactor site, or disposed of anywhere
within the community. Hazardous waste should be properly handled and disposed of. Frederick County
Public Works has a hazardous waste removal program at no cost to county residents. Call 540-665-5658
for more information or click here to visit: The Frederick County Household Hazardous Waste Program.


Residents are encouraged to recycle whatever and whenever possible. Aluminum and steel cans, glass,
cardboard, newspapers, and many different types of electronic devices are just a few items that are
recyclable. Please take these items to a Frederick County Citizen’s Convenience Site or the Frederick
County Landfill for recycling. Recycling reduces the amount of waste in the compactor; reduces the
amount of waste going to the landfill; reduces costs to the association with respect to waste management;
and protects the environment.

Contact Frederick County Public Works at 540-665-5600 for more details regarding all waste
management matters or click here to visit: The Frederick County Public Works Website

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