Folks Are Asking: What’s a Hub?


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 24, 2019

What is the Community Hub at Lake Holiday?

You may have heard the term “hub” used by members of the Board of Directors (BOD) and others in the community and wondered what they were talking about. In Lake Holiday, it is the area on Country Club Drive where the former golf pro-shop was located. In 2017, the Master Planning Committee recommended that this area be the center of new outdoor amenities, largely due to the parking access and because it is located roughly at the halfway point of the former golf course property. The concept became part of the Master Plan that was approved by the BOD that year.

Today, there is a gravel parking area as well as two new horseshoe pits, a bocce ball court, and a picnic table. We have installed an 18-hole disc golf course designed with accommodations for novice, moderate, and expert players as shown by designated color-coded markers at the differentiated tee-off sites. This course has been designed with the input of and in coordination with disc golf experts, BOD members, community volunteers, and representatives from the Master Planning and Buildings and Grounds (B&G) Committees. A grand opening for the disc golf course is in the planning stages for the spring.

A walking/biking trail has been marked off on the west side of Country Club to be graveled in early 2019. (See diagram below.) In addition to the activity at the hub, new trail signs have been installed on hiking trails. Three trails originate on Lakeview and one on South Lakeview. More work to clear some of the trails will be done in the spring, and additional signs will be installed. There are lots of interesting sights along the trails, including wild flowers and wildlife. Maps are available at the administration office in the clubhouse.

A professional site plan of the property on the east side of Country Club Drive will be done in the near future to determine the feasibility of locating a multi-purpose athletic field in that area that would accommodate baseball and soccer. Long-range plans call for a fenced dog park area behind the berms on that side of the road. Other recreational amenities may be added in the future.

The overall goal is to make use of the former golf course property, which cuts through the heart of Lake Holiday. The feasibility of recreating the golf course with interested developers was investigated in depth by the Golf Course Advocacy Committee in 2016 but the concept was set-aside due to the high cost to the membership. The BOD did agree that nothing should be built or created on the golf course property that couldn’t be reversed in the future.

B&G suggested that a contest be held to rename the hub to something more recognizable and community-oriented, and at its February meeting the BOD unanimously agreed. More information will be forthcoming in a future newsletter. B&G, in coordination with the Lake Committee, is also planning a Community Clean-up Day at the end of April that will involve volunteers picking up trash on the sides of the roads, with bags and gloves supplied by the Association. Look for more information on that in future newsletters as well.

If there is some outdoor recreational activity you would like to see at or near the hub, let a member of the Board or of B&G know. Fresh ideas are always welcome.

By:  Buildings & Grounds Committee

Editor’s Note: Members of the Master Planning Committee and the Golf Course Advocacy Committee contributed to this article.

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