Lake Holiday Forms

 Category Form Date Form Updated File
Architectural FormAgreement and Requirements for New House Construction03/20/2017LHCC-Agreement-and-Requirements-for-New-House-Construction.doc
Architectural FormApplication for Building Approval08/13/20192019-LHCC-BuildingApproval.pdf
Architectural FormApplication for New Home Construction08/13/20192019-LHCC-BuildingConstruction.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Accessory Structure Application Form04/25/2017180828-F_-Accessory-Structure-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Awnings Application Form04/25/2017180828-G_-Awnings-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Boat Dock Facilities Application04/25/2017180828-H_Boat-Dock-Form-1.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Deck, Patio, Porch Application04/25/2017180828-J_-DeckPatioPorch-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Dog Run and Shelter Application04/25/2017180828-K_Dog-Run-and-Shelter-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Fence Application04/25/2017180828-L_-Fence-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: General Application Form04/25/2017180828-General-Application-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Paving Project Application04/25/2017180828-V_Paving-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Retaining and Shore Wall Application04/25/2017180828-Q_Retaining-Wall-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Tree Removal Application04/25/2017180828-R_TreeForm.pdf
Boat or Lake FormBoat Registration Form06/01/20202020-Boat-Registration-Form.pdf
Office Form2020 Recreational Vehicle Storage Renewal07/16/20202020-Storage-Rental-Renewal-Form-Copy.doc
Office FormAssociation Disclosure Packet Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-RequestAssociationDisclosurePacket.pdf
Office FormBanking Automatic Draft Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-BankingAutomaticDraftRequest.pdf
Office FormBanking Automatic Draft STOP Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-BankingAutomaticDraftStop.pdf
Office FormBeach II Camping02/25/2005Beach-II-Camping-Application.pdf
Office FormClubhouse Rental Hold Harmless Agreement08/13/20192019-LHCC-ClubhouseRentalHoldHarmless.pdf
Office FormFitness Center Agreement08/13/20192019-LHCC-FitnessCenterAgreement.pdf
Office FormVehicle Storage Rental Agreement08/13/2019Storage-Rental-Agreement.docx
 Category Form Date Form Updated File

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