Lake Holiday Forms

 Category Form Date Form Updated File
Architectural FormAgreement and Requirements for New House Construction03/20/2017LHCC-Agreement-and-Requirements-for-New-House-Construction.doc
Architectural FormApplication for Building Approval08/13/20192019-LHCC-BuildingApproval.pdf
Architectural FormApplication for New Home Construction08/13/20192019-LHCC-BuildingConstruction.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Accessory Structure Application Form04/25/2017180828-F_-Accessory-Structure-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Awnings Application Form04/25/2017180828-G_-Awnings-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Boat Dock Facilities Application04/25/2017180828-H_Boat-Dock-Form-1.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Deck, Patio, Porch Application04/25/2017180828-J_-DeckPatioPorch-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Dog Run and Shelter Application04/25/2017180828-K_Dog-Run-and-Shelter-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Fence Application04/25/2017180828-L_-Fence-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: General Application Form04/25/2017180828-General-Application-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Paving Project Application04/25/2017180828-V_Paving-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Retaining and Shore Wall Application04/25/2017180828-Q_Retaining-Wall-Form.pdf
Architectural FormArchitectural: Tree Removal Application04/25/2017180828-R_TreeForm.pdf
Boat or Lake FormBoat Registration Form06/01/20202020-Boat-Registration-Form.pdf
Boat or Lake FormLHCC Boating Test 202006/01/2020Lake-Holiday-Boat-Test-2020.pdf
Office Form2020 Recreational Vehicle Storage Renewal07/16/20202020-Storage-Rental-Renewal-Form-Copy.doc
Office FormAssociation Disclosure Packet Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-RequestAssociationDisclosurePacket.pdf
Office FormBanking Automatic Draft Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-BankingAutomaticDraftRequest.pdf
Office FormBanking Automatic Draft STOP Request08/13/20192019-LHCC-BankingAutomaticDraftStop.pdf
Office FormBeach II Camping02/25/2005Beach-II-Camping-Application.pdf
Office FormClubhouse Rental Hold Harmless Agreement08/13/20192019-LHCC-ClubhouseRentalHoldHarmless.pdf
Office FormFitness Center Agreement08/13/20192019-LHCC-FitnessCenterAgreement.pdf
Office FormVehicle Storage Rental Agreement08/13/2019Storage-Rental-Agreement.docx
 Category Form Date Form Updated File

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On July 13, 2020, the LHCC Lake Committee made a presentation to the LHCC Board of Directors, and to Association members in attendance, regarding lake health, undertaken actions and studies regarding lake health, and details regarding plans for future lake protection...

General Manager’s Report, June 2020

Beach II Site Plan Status Update Draft site plans for the Beach II area are currently under review by Frederick County. Site plan approval requires submittal to and approval by four agencies. Initial reviews have been completed by The Department of Planning and...

President’s Report, June 2020

June 26, 2020Although the pandemic is still with us nationwide, daily operations at LH continue. The speed bumps on W.Masters Dr. have been installed and reports from the residents are mostly positive. Cars seem to be slowing down and obeying the speed limit. This...

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