General Manager’s Report, April 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On April 25, 2018

Asphalt Pavement, Tar and Chip

The Replacement Reserve schedule for this year indicates a planned expenditure for road maintenance operations in the amount of $157,500. This is Phase 2 of a three-phase plan which, when completed, will serve to protect the Association’s infrastructure investments by extending the useful life of Lake Holiday’s paved roadway surfaces. These phases do not include the most recently paved areas (2017 paving) as they will not require treatment during the first three phase years.

I recently audited the planned phase roads list and have updated the list to reflect roads which have not yet received a tar and chip treatment. During the 2016 Phase I road treatments, it was discovered that the methodology utilized in the estimation of yardage fell somewhat short of the actual square yardages due to the methods utilized for the estimation of volumes necessary for intersection area radiuses and for the areas of circles in the cul-de-sacs. This did not affect the completion of the planned phase schedule however, as the pricing obtained allowed the extra yardage to be completed under the planned expenditure amount for the 2016 fiscal year.

Once I completed my audit of the road list and square yardage estimates, I passed the list on to the Building and Grounds Committee and requested that they provide a prioritization of roads for 2018. The Committee was most gracious and agreed to assist me by providing the prioritization and schedule planning. Members of the Committee reviewed the roads and split the work into two groups intended to be completed in 2018 and in 2019, and even identified a street which I had inadvertently left off my list. These lists do not include the parking lots for the Clubhouse or for the school bus stop, as those areas are not prime candidates for tar and chip, and they also will require re-striping once completed. It is recommended that these be handled separately and that they be treated with a plain sealer rather than with tar and chip. I recommend that we evaluate the timeline for these areas once we have secured pricing for this year’s Phase II work. If pricing remains consistent with the work completed in 2016, we will be able to do a portion of the work currently planned for 2019 this year and we will then have additional funds available in 2019 for the parking lots (under the current planned RR expenditure for 2019).

Thank you to the members of B&G for your efforts and assistance!

After the completion of the 2016 Phase I work, there were many concerns voiced regarding excess gravel and tar on the roadways, and regarding the tracking issues that resulted from such. In preparation for this year’s planned work, I spoke with multiple companies regarding alternative methods of maintenance such as seal and slurry coats. Although these types of coatings can provide some added life and do offer some protection for the road surfaces, they are generally not considered to be as good of an option in terms of added life and protection. The Building and Grounds Committee independently examined alternative options such as seal coats, and came to the same conclusion as I: tar and chip applications offer superior protection as compared to seal coat options.

Once we arrived at this conclusion, Board President, Richard Traczyk, reached out to his contacts at VDOT to seek their recommendations for tar and chip maintenance treatments and was able to provide me with VDOT’s recommended specifications. These specifications utilize slightly less tar and aggregate on each pass of the multicourse treatment and are expected to result in less loose gravel and tracking of tar as compared to the specifications utilized in 2016.

I have created a Request for Bids (RFB) draft for the Board’s review and am seeking the Board’s approval to disseminate the RFB to appropriate contractors on Wednesday April 25, 2018 with a response due date of May 15, 2018. Bids received would then be brought back to the Board for consideration at the May 22, 2018 regularly scheduled Board meeting. The due date timeline only allows a three-week period from the time of dissemination, but it will allow the bids received to be placed in the Board books so that the Board may thoroughly consider the bids prior to the meeting. If the Board feels this is not enough time for contactors to prepare bids, we could give more time, but this would push consideration to the June meeting. I am concerned that doing so may limit contractor availability to complete the work as they often book up for the summer season early. If we are unable to secure adequate bids by that date, we may opt to extend the deadline to secure additional bids. The RFB will allow late bids to be accepted at LHCC’s discretion due to the wordage contained in the Instructions to Bidders.

If pricing is such that it allows, I recommend that we expand the area to be treated in 2018 so that we treat as much of the roadways as possible this year. I would recommend that if we are able, we continue treatment along Lakeview Drive east of the Clubhouse entrance as far as we can under the currently budgeted amount.

Document Center Proposals

The lease for the copier/printer/scanner currently in use in the office is due to expire in June of this year. TechComm Chai, Juan Hernandez, was able to provide staff with two vendor recommendations along with their contact information earlier in the year. Staff sought proposals from both recommended vendors and from our current vendor, those proposals follow this report.

Consideration was given to the capabilities of the equipment being offered, and staff (with vendor agreement) found that our current equipment is more than we need in terms of capabilities. We sought proposals which better align with our normal usage, but that are still quite capable of meeting our peak usage needs as well. Key features retained include folding capability, hole punch and stapling capabilities, as well as the ability to print and scan up to an 11″ x 17″ size sheet. Staff explored adding an average amount of copies into the agreement to see if savings were possible through doing so but found that the pricing remains the same per page with all vendors, and the only difference is that you incur some additional cost by including copies in the lease agreements due to finance charges.

All the proposals sought and included bill by exact usage (some bill by average monthly and then adjust quarterly to actuals). Yearly averages for the past three years were 123k black and white copies and 22k color copies, with color copies running higher in 2017 at 33k and black and white running lower at 88k. Staff is working to reduce unnecessary printing as much as possible and we will keep this goal at the forefront in our daily operations. During 2017 average monthly costs for the lease ($590.45) and copies combined, amounted to $806 per month.

In considering pricing, I have utilized a yearly average of 90k black and white, and 30k color to determine the average monthly cost associated with each proposal (we will only pay for actuals). My totals include the lease price of each piece of equipment and incorporate the monthly charges for pages printed based upon those total pages per year. We do hope to reduce the usage to save more over time. The monthly expense related to the recommended Toshiba ($379.53 per month based upon the volumes previously noted) represents a savings of nearly 53% per month, without incurring a significant reduction in capabilities.


The collection of monies due on delinquent accounts continues to be an area of prime importance to the Association, and a highly important area of focus for staff. In April a total of 177 thirty-day delinquency notices and 9 sixty-day delinquency notices were mailed to members whose accounts had become delinquent. These are accounts which had just become 30-days or 60-days behind in the month of April.

Over the past 45 days, Jill has successfully attached liens to 19 delinquent properties and has sent 10-day final notices to an additional 15 delinquent members. Liens may be filed against any of those who do not address the delinquencies once the required 10-days have passed (this will occur on April 23rd).

It is anticipated that the Association will have secured liens against all members having homes or water/sewer available lots and who have delinquencies in excess of 60 days prior to the end of May, thus securing a claim against those properties. As a result of collection efforts, delinquent members have returned two water/sewer available lots in lieu of debt (all Frederick County taxes paid by the delinquent owner), and several payment plans have been arranged by members seeking to avoid further legal actions. As of April 18th, there are 37 active payment plans in place in accordance with Resolution 2009-10.

Maintenance Department Notes

The Association’s Maintenance Department continues to diligently work toward a successful start to the summer recreational season by preparing the common areas for our membership’s usage. In this pursuit, the department has constructed and installed two new canoe/kayak racks at the marina, have cleaned up many fallen trees and debris from common areas, have made repairs to tables and benches located at the Clubhouse, have made repairs to the playground at the Clubhouse, have sourced and prepared metal ashcans for the BBQ grill areas, have cleaned the light fixtures and gutters at the mail stations, have treated common area evergreen trees for bagworm infestations, etc. This is just a portion of the tasks being accomplished over the past month, but there are too many to detail in this report.

In addition, the crew has been cleaning and repairing/servicing equipment used in their daily activities. This included prepping and repainting the trailer utilized to move the department’s lawn mowers around onsite. This trailer was beginning to show significant rust, and desperately needed refurbishing to extend its useful life.

Staff recently sourced a tractor and trailer load of mulch for the common grounds, and the maintenance department will begin applying this to the common areas in the coming days. Staff has ordered buoys to replace some that are no longer serviceable along with additional new buoys for the beach I area as approved by the Board. These buoys are made to order and are expected to arrive in mid-May. The maintenance crew will have anchors and tethers on hand and will be prepared for their installation when they arrive. Sand for Beach I and Beach II will be ordered at the beginning of May and spread soon thereafter. The exact timing of this will depend upon the weather, as we do not want to purchase soaking wet sand and end up paying for water weight in the process. We also hope to avoid some of the washout that inevitably occurs when the sand is put in place too early in the season. By mid-May, we are hopeful that any heavy spring rains will have passed.

Major projects the maintenance team will be tackling over the next six weeks include: the staining of the Clubhouse decks, the installation of an asphalt apron to improve vehicle accessibility to the Beach II access road (necessary after the paving of Sleigh), and the installation of horseshoe pits at the central hub location. Additionally, the warmer weather will necessitate the start of routine mowing of common areas and of the old golf course property.

April 17, 2018 marked a significant anniversary for one our maintenance team members. “Buck” Kerns celebrated 40 years of employment here on that date having begun his employment on April 17, 1978. Buck has an outstanding employee record over the course of those 40 years, and has continually proven himself a highly dependable worker, and a valued member of the maintenance team. A big “Thank You” to Buck, your efforts and dedication are truly commendable

Mike Goodwin

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