General Manager’s Report, April 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On April 23, 2019

Brush Chipper Replacement – The 2003 Bandit Brush Chipper currently owned by the Association has had a catastrophic engine failure. Older models, such as this one, utilized industrial engines not easily replaced or repaired. Today’s models utilize “off the shelf” engines from manufacturers such as Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, etc. making them much more serviceable in comparison to the older offerings.

It is estimated that replacing the engine would cost approximately half of the unit’s original sales price and doing so would not address the condition and significant wear of various other parts of the chipper including the grinding hub and its hydraulic systems. With this in mind, I believe the chipper has reached the end of its useful life.

With the large amount of brush and debris still awaiting removal from the roadsides and drainage ways in sections 6A, 6B, and in the common areas around Beach III, it is imperative that the Maintenance Team have a reliable chipper which is well suited to the terrain and the task at hand. Having researched chipper brands extensively, I find two brands that are routinely recommended for quality, durability and usability. Bandit brand chippers such as the one currently owned by the Association, and Vermeer brand both come highly recommended by users and owners alike.

The Association’s current chipper is a 2003 Bandit Model 65. This model is still offered for sale today in an updated version and comes with a 6” x 12” throat opening allowing it to accept up to 6” diameter logs with various sized branches still attached. Once started into the shoot, the model is self-feeding. The Bandit Model 65 XP retails for roughly $18,000 today, and I have received a local quote for $18,743.40 with tax included. This is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. I have sourced other quotes from national distributors and found that they offer roughly the same pricing for this model (within $500).

Vermeer does not offer a similar sized throat opening. Instead they offer either a 6” x 8” throat, or a 9” x 14” throat. These models have been quoted to me at $17,294.96 and $26,050.00 respectively.

After seeing the current model in use many times over the years, and after speaking with our current Maintenance Supervisor, I am confident that the Bandit Model 65XP is ideally sized for our usage as its relatively small size allows it to be towed into areas not easily accessible with larger models, and its throat opening works well for our needs.

The Replacement Reserve schedule lists the 2003 model for replacement this year with a $10k estimated cost. $10k represents the market price in 2003, but that number has not been adjusted for the last 16 years of price inflation.  My recommendation is that the Board authorize the replacement of the 2003 chipper with a new Bandit Model 65XP as quoted by Winchester Equipment Company at the cost of $18,743.40 to be funded out of Replacement Reserves.

Project Updates:

Greenway Engineering Site Plans – Greenway Engineering has completed the wetland delineation for the three sites and has determined that there are no wetland impacts to mitigate. The majority of on-site surveying has now been completed as well, and the surveying department anticipates having the information plated and ready for conceptual development work in two to three weeks’ time. At that point, the engineers will begin to develop the preliminary conceptual plan for each location.

Boat Storage Yard Update – Improvements to the existing boat storage yard were undertaken in recent weeks. Keystone Builders utilized a dozer to excavate the mud and topsoil from the travel lanes in order to reach solid ground. This topsoil has been stockpiled to dry out for use in other common areas at a later date. In some areas it was necessary to excavate to a depth of nearly three feet. Once excavated, compactable material was brought in to bring the lanes back up to grade and gravel was placed on top of this newly compacted material. The work has resulted in much improved travel lanes for members moving trailers in or out of the yard. The actual parking spaces still are subject to muddy conditions, and members may still encounter unfavorable conditions when trying to relocate their trailers. The Maintenance crew is available to assist with the removal of trailers under such circumstances by pre-arranged appointment.

Once we are into the summer and the rainy season has passed, staff will be working to expand the boat yard into the adjoining property as detailed in the plan previously approved by the Board. At this time, the transition area into the adjoining lot remains to wet to begin work there.

Walking Trail Project – Walking trail construction from Country Club Park to the Clubhouse area mail station is set to begin once ground conditions improve and allow excavation of the trail areas. At this time, exactly when that will occur is unknown as the weather forecast is currently calling for a couple additional inches of rain over the course of the next 10 days. Once conditions improve, the work will commence as soon as Keystone’s scheduling allows.

Disc Golf Course – The two crosswalks for the Disc Golf Course have now been stenciled onto the roadway, and related signage is set to be installed shortly. The Maintenance Team has been addressing other items on the course “to do” list, such as tree removal, grading, etc. as weather and time has allowed. The crew anticipates having all items completed prior to the planned grand opening on May 11th.

Tar & Chip and Parking Lot Sealing RFP – The 2019 Tar & Chip RFP has been distributed to the following venders for their consideration: Whitehurst Paving, Carroll Construction, Kerrigan Oil, Dominion Paving, and J. Lake Paving. Responses are due on May 10, 2019 and will be available for Board review in May.

The RFPs for sealcoating and related maintenance work has been distributed to the following venders for consideration: Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance, Dominion Paving & Sealing, RNJ Paving Co, and Donovan Asphalt. Responses are due on May 10, 2019 and will be available for Board review in May.

Miscellaneous Updates:

Employee First Aid, CPR and AED Training – LHCC employees participated in an AED, CPR, and First Aid certification course with Frederick County Fire and Rescue, EMS Program Director Kelly Whitacre on April 3rd. The course lasted approximately 6 hours and resulted in two-year certifications for all participants.

Friends of the Shenandoah River Water Sampling – Karen Anderson, Director of the Friends of the Shenandoah, is scheduled to meet with Lake Committee volunteers on May 1 to review sampling procedures and to take the first round of lake water samples for quality testing. Weekly samples will be taken each week thereafter through the end of September in accordance with established procedures.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, General Manager

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