General Manager’s Report, April 2020


Written by Mike Goodwin

On April 21, 2020

Mower Replacements: The two zero turn mowers authorized for replacement by the Board at the March meeting, have been replaced and the Association has now taken delivery of those mowers. Cutting Edge Small Eng. Repair, our local dealer, was able to lock in the March incentive pricing making it possible for the Association to take advantage of the additional 5% discount pricing.

The two new “Hustler Super Z 60” Kawasaki FX850s” that were approved as replacements were purchased at a total cost of $20,865.83 and are now in service and performing well.

Vandalism in the Community: Recent weeks have brought a number of vandalism reports and issues in the common areas of the community. Some of those incidents have now been resolved while others remain under investigation. The graffiti which occurred on two occasions in the area of Sunset Circle, was resolved when a forthcoming parent contacted the Board President to report that they had discovered that their minor age child was involved. In order to protect the minor’s identity, I will not reveal the name or identity of the parent or the minor involved. The Sheriff’s office is aware of the perpetrator’s identity and we do not anticipate any recurrences involving the same child.

The vandalism and sign damage that occurred on the road to Beach 3 remains an open issue. In addition, I have received three separate reports from concerned members regarding late night partying, drunken antics, fireworks (and perhaps firearms discharges) at night, open fires, and speeding / loud four-wheeling vehicles in the beach 3 area. In response, and in consultation with the Board President and Vice-President, I have arranged for temporarily increased patrol services by Haines Security over the next few weeks or so. The primary focus of these patrols will be to discourage such behaviors, to increase visibility of security, and to identify perpetrators if at all possible.

Boat Yard Screening Trees: The 40 Green Giant Arborvitae trees purchased through Reading Landscapes in December have now been planted between the expanded boat trailer storage lot and Redland Road in accordance with the previously discussed plans. Our maintenance team is watering them twice a week and they appear to be off to a great start.

Remote Office Work Update: Office staff continues to work remotely in accordance with the March Board decision and the Governor’s orders. Although challenging at times, things are going quite well, and I am proud of how well our staff members have adjusted to the change in operations. We have had a few members that have complained that their calls to the office number have gone unanswered during normal business hours. Although this may well have occurred, it is due to a technical challenge and not a staff failure. Currently all calls are being forward to a cell phone during normal business hours. If a call is already being handled, the call will go directly to voicemail and the member may then leave a message if desired. We ask that member leave a detailed message when asking for a return call. Please include your name, lot number or address, and the purpose of the call so that the appropriate person may return the call and so that they may be prepared when they do so. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these extraordinary times.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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