General Manager’s Report, April 2021


Written by Mike Goodwin

On April 17, 2021

Project Updates:
Walking Trail
Construction of Phase 1 of the walking trail plan as presented to the Board of Directors in September 2020 is set to begin this week. The trail is approximately ½ mile in length and will create a walking circuit from Country Club Park to the large roadside pond on West Masters and back. The trail is to be constructed with underlayment and compacted gravel in the same manner as the trail from Country Club Park to the Clubhouse was in 2019. It is anticipated that the trail will be completed and made available for member use during May.

Removal of the Old Pumphouse
Work to remove the collapsed irrigation pumphouse located on the former golf course property will begin in the next week. In its current condition, the building is a dangerous attraction for passersby looking to explore the ruins. As there was no specific budget approved for the removal, we are working within the confines of the yearly operating budget to alleviate this danger as promptly as possible. The intention will be to leave the concrete pad behind once the debris has been removed from it. If the concrete is indeed salvageable, it may provide a good wayside location for a picnic table, etc. along the trails and near the disc golf course.

Redland Road Fencing
This year’s budget includes $13k in funds for the planned extension of the three-board fencing along Redland Road and for the rehabilitation of the already existing fencing along Redland and at the community entrance. The budget amount was based upon an estimate by the original fence builder (McGrane Fence Co. Inc) provided last April.
Mr. McGrane was out this week to reinspect the fence, and to update his proposal. He has warned me that material prices have increased significantly over the past year, with some things such as pressure treated 6”x 6” material more than doubling in cost. I anticipate having his updated price in the next week or so. McGrane did advise that he is currently booked out until August, so if we do wish to go forward with any work this year, it may be critical to nail down a contract as soon as possible and get the project on a contractor’s schedule. With the price increase warning from McGrane in mind, we have sought out additional pricing from competitors. Unfortunately, I have not found much interest locally for the project. Representatives from Cardinal Fence Co. out of Herndon, VA were here last week, and have provided an additional estimate on the desired work. Their estimate was more than $5k higher than our approved budget for the project.
In consideration of the increased costs associated with the project, does the Board wish to approve of more funds in order to have the desired work undertaken this year? If so, I believe a total budget of up to $20k may be required ($13k already available, up to $7k additional may be required) Other options to consider include reducing the scope of work undertaken this year (perhaps rehab the existing fence and postpone the extension or vice-versa) or postponing the work until the next budget cycle in the hopes that material pricing will come back down (unlikely in my opinion). I will look to the Board for direction in this matter.

Submitted March 17, 2021 by:
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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