General Manager’s Report April 2022


Written by Judy

On April 28, 2022

April 2022

General Manager’s Report

 Allied Universal Security Issues Update

The Association continues to monitor, investigate, and address reported issues in the adherence to established entry protocols at the front gate entry point. As a part of this process, President Majewski, Vice-President Melcher, and I are attending weekly meetings with Allied Universal Security’s (AUS) Director of Operations, Jeremy Ross to discuss issues and to assess progress in rectifying such issues. AUS has prepared a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) acknowledging LHCC’s concerns and detailing agreed upon actions being taken to address those concerns.  This is a living document which is updated weekly during/after our meeting and in response to feedback from LHCC. A copy of the most recent SIP follows this report.  We have witnessed significant improvements in adherence to protocols over the past month, but less frequent issues are still occurring at this time. We will continue to work with AUS to address such issues and will provide updated plan information in future Board Books as a part of the GM report.

Marina Update

Grading and stone placement for the updated marina pathways has now been completed, and the required retaining wall is currently being installed.  Once the wall has been completed, A 5’ wide sidewalk will be formed and poured leading to the two piers to the right of the marina ramp.

As a part of the project, the current handicapped parking area across from the ramp will be paved and a crosswalk will be painted from that area over to the sidewalk’s starting point.  This paving will occur later this year once multiple prices have been obtained and weather and scheduling allows.

Beach II

Beach II land works are now progressing quickly, with topsoil placement, seeding and strawing (ground stabilization) underway.  Pine Knoll Construction has scheduled Carrol Construction to pave the new parking area later this week or during next (dependent upon Carrol’s schedule).  Once paving has been completed, the necessary striping and sign placement will occur making Sleigh Drive a one-way street as required by the County to approve of the planned improvements.  We will be sending out an email notice of the upcoming change this week and will send out another notice when the exact date of the change is known. We will also be placing temporary signage advising of the coming change in that area later this week.

Once Pine Knoll has completed their contract, there will remain a number of items to be completed by others during the summer and fall.  This will include installation of the relocated canoe racks (will be completed as soon as possible),  relocation of the floating pier, creation of a boardwalk leading to the pier and from the handicapped parking spot to the beach area, and the required landscaping included in our approved plan as well as some optional landscaping (specifics to be determined) to improve area aesthetics and the maintainability of the slopes adjacent to the beach. Landscaping will not be undertaken until the fall so as to provide the best possible conditions for the planting’s healthy establishment.

Tennis, Basketball and Pickleball Courts

Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance plans to begin work on the color coating and restriping of the community basketball, pickleball and tennis courts later this week.  The work will not be continual until completion as it will be necessary to work around scheduled events as well as fluctuating nighttime temperatures.  We anticipate completion within a few weeks of commencement and will do our best to notify the community of specific work dates and court use disruptions.  Such notice may be short at times as the schedule will be dependent upon changing weather conditions and our contractor’s other commitments.

HVAC Unit Replacement

The HVAC heat pump which serves the upstairs bathrooms, hallway and the administration office at the Clubhouse has failed.  The unit is 9 years old having been replaced in 2013.  At that time, the Association chose to only replace the heat pump itself and not the inside unit (air handler and backup heat coil/pack along with associated low voltage controls and wiring).  Under those circumstances, the unit only carried a 5-year limited parts warranty. The inside portion therefor is now approximately 15 years old.  With that in mind, I recommend replacement of that entire system, both inside and outside.  Replacing all portions together will result in a 10-year limited warranty on parts (including the compressor) and is the route recommended as an industry best practice.  I have obtained a quote for a highly rated brand from our current service provider and a copy of that quote follows this report. The inside unit is in the roof above the office space and adds a level of difficulty to the replacement. In reviewing past replacements and associated bids and pricing, the quote provided is in line with past expenditures on comparable units. The unit quoted is currently available and on a temporary hold (availability has been an issue at times these past two years).

I recommend replacement of the entire system as quoted with a budget of $8,960.00 with funding from the Replacement Reserve. 

Submitted April 20, 2022, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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