General Manager’s Report, August 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On August 27, 2018

Backhoe Attachment Replacement:  The Association’s backhoe attachment for the Kubota M7060 tractor is in need of replacement.  The current one was purchased in 2003 and has seen heavy usage during its 15 years of service.  As a result, it has significant wear to the frame and to its hydraulic components.  Our maintenance supervisor has been working with the folks at Winchester Equipment to determine if it could be repaired for a reasonable sum, but we have found that the investment required would equate to roughly half the cost of a new one, and that even with such an investment, its dependability and longevity would be highly questionable.

The main pivot points / king pin pivot point frame enclosures are severely worn, the subframe is fatigued, and the hydraulic pump and valve body are worn out.  The pump and valve body could be replaced, but the pivot point sleeves can only be repaired by cutting them out and welding in new ones.  The subframe is no longer available and would have to be custom fabricated.

The backhoe attachment is a listed item in the replacement reserve and was originally estimated for replacement in 2023.  The value assigned to it is not realistic however, as it is valued only at $3000.  In 2003 this item sold in the range of $9000 – $10,000 installed.

Management has received pricing from two local Kubota dealers, Winchester Equipment Co and Woodstock Equipment Co.  Winchester Equipment Co pricing was $30 more than Woodstock with a price of $13,689 (includes tax), but that price does include installation and transportation to and from their facility for installation purposes.  Woodstock’s pricing excluded transportation.  In addition, Winchester Equipment Co. has offered $300 in allowance for trade in of the old attachment (not much money, but it is a testimony to the poor condition of the current equipment).

Staff investigated the option of purchasing another Woods model similar to the current one, but found that such models do not utilize a subframe, rather they depend solely upon the three-point hitch for mounting when installed on a M7060.  This has proven to be a weak link and can be problematic.  The dealers contacted have recommended sticking with the Kubota model as a result (pricing on Woods models is comparable to Kubota).

Management recommends trading in and replacing the current attachment through Winchester Equipment Co with funding out of the replacement reserve.

LHCC Bus Loop:  Concerned members have contacted the office regarding the current configuration at the bus stop parking lot.  The primary concern voiced is in regard to the traffic flow, and, the use of one entry point for both entering and exiting the lot.  The members expressed that they believe the entry/exit point to be too narrow and too congested.  These concerns were expressed in the past as well, but no action was taken.

At that time, there was an alternate traffic flow plan which was presented.  The plan does address the primary issues being reported this year.  A copy of that plan in included in the August Board Book materials for consideration to make a change to the traffic flow this year.

Various Project Updates:

Mobotix Camera System:  The Mobotix upgrades approved by the Board of Directors at the July meeting have been completed.  Final invoicing has not yet been received, but the installation went well and it is anticipated that the pricing will be in line with the original estimates.  The upgrades have greatly improved the Association’s ability to capture license plates entering and exiting the community.  The vendor still has some minor adjustments to make for nighttime viewing, with those adjustments expected to be completed this week.

Paving Patches & Tar and Chip

As of August 21st, 2018, Carroll Construction has completed this year’s planned roadway patches, and they were staging to begin the planned tar and chip application.  The tar and chip applications should be completed by the time of this report publishing.

I have received several calls and visits from members who are concerned about the use of tar and chip in Lake Holiday.  Although I do understand those concerns and that such applications can cause undesirable circumstances temporarily, tar and chip does serve to protect the Association’s road infrastructure by extending the usable life of the roads in an economical manner as compared to other available options.  Continue to please be patient and drive slowly in treated areas, as it takes a few weeks for the treatment to properly cure.  The recommended speed on which to drive treated roadways is 10-15 miles per hour.

Clubhouse Projector / Computer:  The new projector has been installed in the Clubhouse and is working well.  It is much brighter that the old one, making projected images much easier to see in varying light conditions.  The associated computer has also been installed and should be configured later this week.  Once everything is in place, we will work to create some easy to follow directions for the many options of use.  As a part of the installation, we have also taken the opportunity to simplify the audio system thereby saving some space while still retaining robust functionality.

Temporary Limited Mobility Parking:  In accordance with the Board’s July approval, four “for limited mobility” parking signs have been purchased for temporary use at the tennis courts during special events.  The maintenance team is working to mount these on movable stands and they will be laying out and marking the four spots in the coming week.  The signs will be available for use during the Labor Day Celebration.  All members should please be aware of these designated spots during major events and respect their use by those in need.

Bocce Ball Court & Benches:  The Maintenance Department will be beginning work on the Bocce Ball Court in the coming weeks (once we have a backhoe back in operation).  The crew will also be proceeding with installation of the approved benches in that area. The bench supports are due to arrive later this week.

Maintenance Notes:

Summer rains have continued to fall and at times, in copious amounts.  These rains have resulted in a need for almost continuous mowing of the common areas.  Most years, the hot summer weather comes with a reduction in rainfall.  During such years, mowing all but ceases allowing the crew to focus efforts on other projects.  This year such a mowing break simply did not occur. The crew has done well in keeping up with the continued growth, and the grounds have looked nice for the most part.

In addition to the mowing, the heavy rains have continued to necessitate drainage way work and erosion control efforts.  Such efforts will continue into the fall, and thereafter.  With ditch cleaning being a primary focus after the fall leaf drop.

Proper Disposal of Leaf Debris off Private Lots:  Management requests that members refrain from blowing and raking leaves into the ditch lines adjacent to their properties.  Such actions create blockages during rains and often result in the creation of erosion issues.  The ditch lines are for storm water drainage and not for the disposal of leaves from private lots.  The disposal of leaves on private lots is the responsibility of the lot owner, not the Association.  It is unfair to other members to create unnecessary work and expenses for the Association.  An open top dumpster is available at the trash compactor site for the proper disposal of such debris.  Please place your debris where it belongs so that the roadways and ditches are not negatively impacted and you do not create a safety hazard for motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin
Lake Holiday General Manager

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