General Manager’s Report, December 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On December 18, 2018

Collection Efforts Year-end Summary:  Collection efforts on delinquent accounts have progressively continued throughout the 2018 fiscal year in accordance with Board Resolution 2009-10.  As prescribed by the resolution, 30-day reminder notices (mailed at least 37 days after an amount is past due) and 60-day reminder notices are created and mailed on a monthly basis.  Such reminders include notice that payment plans are available and that the Association is willing to work with members who wish to bring their accounts into good standing through such plans.

When such friendly reminders are not heeded, they are followed up with a Final Notice of Intent stating that the remainder of the year’s assessments have been accelerated, and that the full amount is now due. If the account remains in arrears, a memorandum of lien is filed with Frederick County and the member is notified of the lien against the property involved.  During the 2018 year, 59 such liens were filed against delinquent single family and water/sewer available properties.  Jill will begin processing new liens against such properties in February 2019 once established requirements permit the Association to accelerate the assessments for the full year.

In order to avoid such actions during 2018, some members chose to return their lots to the Association in lieu of debt owed.  So far in 2018, two water/sewer lots and two membership lots have been returned, and an additional 15 lot transfers are pending in lieu of debt owed.  The Association currently has a total of 25 active payment plan agreements in place five of which will be satisfied and closed out in the next month or two.  Such payment plans require that all present and future assessments be kept current during the payment plan period.

All delinquent members are encouraged to contact the office to make payment or payment plan arrangements in order to avoid additional collection efforts which may include having liens attached to their properties, court judgments, garnishments, and publication of a member’s delinquent status.


Comcast Service Installations:  The installation of Comcast services as detailed and presented to the Board in October is well under way, with preliminary cabling and site surveys having already occurred. Installation of the new VoIP phones, modem upgrades, and cable TV to the Clubhouse Great Room are scheduled for December 13th, with the switch from the point to point system and internet upgrades at the maintenance facility and gatehouse scheduled to occur on or about January 15th.   A minimal disruption of phone services may be experienced during the transition, but such interruption is not anticipated to last more than a few hours.

Bocce Ball Court:  The Bocce Ball Court has been completed and is available for use to the membership.  As with the horseshoe pits, members currently must utilize their own equipment to play.  The two benches approved for the area are on hand and will be installed once the weather permits the pouring of the concrete pads which support them.

Disc Golf:  The maintenance crew has begun installation of the Frisbee Golf basket support pipes in coordination with Building and Grounds Committee Chair, Alex Perka.  As detailed in the October 23rd presentation to the Board of Directors, the maintenance crew and volunteers alike will be working on this project as weather allows, with the goal of having the course ready for play by the spring thaw.  The timing of many aspects of the installation is weather dependent and, as such, an exact schedule has not been determined.  Some items such as the striping of crosswalks will need to wait until the weather is relatively warm and the pavement is dry.

Technology Audit:  Technology Audits are currently underway by both WinTech, Inc. and STS Solutions with deliverables expected later this month from both firms.  Due to the current changes being made to accommodate the Comcast service installations, some minor updates may be necessary once those are received.  Once all installation is complete, we will plan to have the details updated to reflect any changes.

Guardrail Installation:  Joe Kidwell of Kidwell Fencing is expecting the ordered guardrail materials to arrive sometime this week.  Once the materials are on hand and his scheduling allows, I will meet with Mr. Kidwell onsite to go over the installation one more time just prior to the work commencing. It is anticipated that the rails will be installed sometime over the next few weeks weather permitting.

Maintenance Department Notes:  The maintenance crew is currently working on the disc golf course, performing routine maintenance and making needed repairs to LHCC vehicles and equipment, along with responding to weather events as necessary.  In addition, the crew is working to repair unpaved roadways in the membership areas, repairing road shoulders, clearing drainage ways of leaf litter and restoring drainage as needed.

Over the course of the next few months, the crew will clear leaves from the majority of the road side ditches within the community.  Some leaf litter naturally collects in these areas, but unfortunately, much of it is actually unnaturally forced into the ditches by way of raking, blowing, etc. from the adjoining private lots.  Such actions create an undue burden upon the maintenance workforce (the crew has much to do and only five sets of hands) and may also create runoff blockages during rains and snow melts resulting in the creation of erosion issues.  These common area ditch lines are for storm water drainage, not for the disposal of leaves from private lots.  The disposal of leaves from private lots is the responsibility of the lot owner, not the Association.  For the members’ convenience, an open-top dumpster has been provided at the trash compactor site for the proper disposal of such debris.  Please place your debris where it belongs so that the roadways and ditches are not negatively impacted.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Formalized Safety Program:  I have been working with McGriff Insurance Services to create a formalized employee safety program for the maintenance department.  Through some email and phone consultation, Lesonya Wilder, a training resource consultant with McGriff, provided me with a boilerplate safety manual which concentrates on much of the specific work and dangers the maintenance crew routinely encounters.  The manual provided came with specific permissions to reproduce, modify, and disseminate as deemed necessary.  McGriff has also supplied me with a comprehensive list of available resources, training materials, etc. which are made available to the Association with only minimal mailing and/or rental fees.  Jill and I are currently working through the manual to edit out redundant information covered directly by the employee handbook (or in conflict with it), to remove non-applicable details such as those tailored to golf-course operations, etc., and to customize it more fully to LHCC’s specific operations.

In January, we will begin to hold bi-weekly safety meetings with the maintenance crew (with myself or Jill in attendance) to provide for and document job related safety training.  The first meeting will likely be just to go over the new employee safety manual, with subsequent meetings utilizing resources and notes obtained through McGriff Insurance Services and in consultation with Ms. Wilder, the firm’s training resource consultant.

Employee Holiday Luncheon:  The Lake Holiday administrative and maintenance staff had a very pleasant gathering on Friday December 7th to celebrate the holiday season.  Staff was joined by Directors Richard Traczyk, Ed Noble, Betka Hardgrave, and Dr. James Coates for a lovely meal, pleasant conversation, and an all-around enjoyable time.  Thank you to all who attended!

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, General Manager

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