General Manager’s Report, February 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On February 24, 2019

2019 Insurance Package Renewal Details:  The Association’s commercial insurance package is set to renew on March 3, 2019.  McGriff Insurance Services’ (a subsidiary of BB&T Insurance Services) Agent, Mike Mendez and our Account Manager, Shannon Grogg, have been gathering quotes and shopping providers on behalf of the Association for the past two months and have put together a package comparable to our current policy in terms of coverages and limits.

McGriff has recommended that we increase the Cyber Liability limits to $1,000,000 as they believe risks and exposures justify that level of coverage.  Even with the suggested limit increase the McGriff team has been able to slightly reduce the total projected yearly insurance expense as compared to the current policy. The total current policy premium is $90,585 per year, with the renewal premium estimated at $89,485 including the increased Cyber Liability limits.  A copy of the summary of coverages has been included with the Board Book Materials on the Lake Holiday POA website for review.

During our conversations and meetings with Mr. Mendez and Mrs. Grogg, Jill and I inquired regarding liability and coverages related to alcohol use in the Clubhouse and at Association sponsored events; as well as about liability issues related to the use of free-weights in the fitness room. These inquiries were made in response to questions previously raised by members of the Board.

Our agents report that we are well covered under our current policies and that no additional coverage is necessary in regard to these areas. Unless LHCC is manufacturing, distributing, selling or furnishing alcohol, no additional alcohol liability policy is necessary. Any liability that might arise from allowing alcohol consumption on common areas or at LHCC sponsored events is covered under current policies so long as LHCC does not provide the alcohol.

The use of free-weights (such as dumbbells) in the fitness room is also covered under our current policies and no additional coverages are necessary or recommended.

231 Redland Demolition RFP:  In response to the Board’s stated desire to explore the option and expense of demolishing the old office building at 231 Redland Road, I have drafted an RFP for the Board’s review.  If the Board finds the RFP agreeable, or if quick revisions can be agreed upon and made at the meeting on 2/26/19, staff will be prepared to send the RFP out to qualified contractors by March 1, 2019.

Dam EAP Table Top Exercise:  I am currently working with the Frederick County Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Chester Lauck, to schedule a table top Emergency Action Plan (EAP) exercise this summer.  Mr. Lauck has graciously agreed to coordinate and oversee the exercise and will invite State and local officials as necessary.  The Association has worked with Mr. Lauck on a number of occasions in the past and those past exercises have not only satisfied state requirements, but they have also resulted in better communications and coordination between staff members and the various state and local agencies involved in emergency response activities.

This year’s exercise is tentatively scheduled for June 13th from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Representatives from Lake Isaac will be attending and the exercise scenario will be tailored to include both lakes and their dams.

State emergency management officials, local fire and rescue, local and state police, DCR representatives as well as each community’s respective dam engineer will be invited and they have historically attended these exercises.

EAP Contact List Revisions / Dam Engineering Firm:  I am currently working to revise outdated contact and call-tree information contained in the Association’s Dam EAP.  These revisions will not impact the function of the document in terms of procedures, protocols, etc., and are necessary due to changes in personnel at various agencies, updated address information, phone numbers, etc.

As a part of these revisions, I will need to update the information regarding the Association’s Dam Engineer.  At the October 23, 2018 Board meeting, the Board approved of a proposal by Viola Engineering to provide required dam inspections and consulting services.  Since that time, I have been in contact with Mr. Viola on several occasions, providing documentation to his firm including past inspection reports, etc. and on multiple occasions I have requested a formalized agreement for his services.

At this point in time, I have still not received a formal agreement. Most recently, I contacted Mr. Viola via email on February 6th, 2019 regarding this. He responded that he was out of town and that he would call me on Monday February 11th, 2019.  As of today, I still have not heard back from the firm. Due to these issues, the Board may want to reconsider the decision to go with Viola Engineering as the Association’s Engineering firm of record. Discussion shall take place at the Board Meeting on February 26th, 2019, at which time we can discuss the potential for alternatives.


The ongoing winter weather pattern has delayed progress on a number of approved projects.  Representatives from Greenway Engineering were scheduled for a kick-off meeting and walk-through of the three site plan areas on Tuesday February 12th, but weather conditions resulted in a postponement.  Greenway has asked that we reschedule in mid-March to allow time for conditions to improve. Weather-permitting, we will reschedule with Greenway next month sometime.

The planned improvement of the existing boat trailer storage area, along with its expansion into the neighboring lot, have also been delayed due to the wet ground conditions. The ground will either need to dry out or freeze solid for an extended period before this work may be undertaken.

Employee Safety Training Updates:  In response to Director Tomalesky’s suggestion regarding the possibility of finding savings on staff CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen Training with Fire and Rescue as opposed to the Red Cross, staff members contacted Frederick County Fire and Rescue. Frederick County is able to provide the necessary training for $80 per employee for a total of $800 or roughly half the cost quoted by the Red Cross. We are currently working to solidify a training date for this.

In-house training has continued with Office and Maintenance Staff members completing Sexual Harassment and Workplace Anger Awareness training on 2/8/2019.

Maintenance Department Notes:  The maintenance department has been overloaded lately with work resulting from recent winter storms. Crews have been working long hours to keep the roadways as clear as possible of ice and snow and have been working to remove toppled trees and debris from the common areas along the roadways as quickly as possible in order to restore drainage ways, etc.

It is important to note that when trees fall into the common areas from private lots, LHCC’s primary responsibility is to remove the fallen debris from the roadway, road shoulders, and from drainage ways in order to restore use and proper function to those areas.

The tree-related debris remains the responsibility of the lot owner from whose property it fell. I have received calls reporting that the crew did not take away the whole tree, or that they left the wood piled at the property line from which the tree fell. Please understand, these are appropriate actions under such circumstances. The crew should do whatever is most efficient to address the conditions and then move on to the next occurrence such as the next tree across the road. The Association’s Maintenance team is not responsible for cleanup and removal of debris originating from private lots (unless it is impacting road usage, etc..), and under normal circumstances, should only do what is necessary to provide proper road, shoulder, and drainage function in the common areas.

The Association’s Maintenance Team consists of only five employees and they simply are unable take on unnecessary work or work that is not legitimately an LHCC maintenance responsibility. The Association provides a yard waste receptacle for member convenience at the LHCC Trash Facility.

Mike Goodwin
LHCC General Manager

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