General Manager’s Report February 2022


Written by Judy

On February 23, 2022

Radar Speed Camera Acquisition Funds Release Request

The Board approved budget for the 2021 fiscal year included funding for two TrafficLogix brand radar speed cameras.  One was funded through the general budget and was acquired in the spring of 2021 at a cost of $11,594.84.  The second unit was planned as a Capital Fund expenditure, and as such, funds were accumulated in accordance with the plan during the 2021 calendar year for purchase once funds were sufficient for the acquisition.  I have received a quote for the second unit from TrafficLogix in the amount of $10,421.58. The unit quoted is identical to the first one purchased. Although the funds are available and the price has now come down some, I will need Board approval for the release of the necessary funds in accordance with Resolution 2019-01, the Budget and Expenditures Policy.

Front Gate Barrier Controllers

The front entry gate barrier proposal received from BK Solutions and approved by the Board at the January 25, 2022, Board meeting has been executed, the necessary deposit has been made, and the parts have been ordered. We will seek to move forward with the installation as soon as all the necessary parts have arrived at BK’s facility as this work should be completed prior to the planned sealing and restriping of the front gate entry lanes later this year. 

Clubhouse Tables and Carts Purchase

The Clubhouse Tables and Carts purchased through Miller’s Office Supplies have all now been received and are available for use in the Clubhouse.  One table was damaged during the delivery but has since been replaced.

Office Operations Update

The Association Management Office will be reopening for all walk-in transactions from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm (normal business hours) on February 21, 2022, in response to rapidly falling Covid case numbers in the area.  We appreciate the memberships patience during these weeks while we worked by appointment only due to the high case numbers. 

Document Digitization Plans

Staff members have been sorting and organizing the documents accumulated since the last round of digitizing, during the past month or so, and we are now nearly ready to seek quotes and move forward with this year’s planned document digitization.  The final step will be to create an itemized list logging the contents of each box of documents so that we may verify receipt of all documents once scanning has been completed. Once that is done, I will be seeking competitive quotes from qualified firms and moving forward with the planned digitization.

Marina Paths and Paving Plans

Remaining work to be completed at the Marina will begin as soon as the weather and soil conditions allow.  The next step will be to grade the paths, place a stone base in preparation for concrete, and then form and pour the concrete.  I am currently seeking pricing for the concrete work from contractors and believe I have the necessary funds already available (if pricing is higher than anticipated, I will need to bring that back to the Board).  I will be seeking paving prices for the area where the current handicapped parking spaces are located and will plan to have that area paved and a new cross walk stripped to allow easy and safe access to the new paths leading to docks B and C. There are some other areas where paving will need to occur this year, so we will seek to do those areas at the same time as the Marina area.

Dog Park Pavilion

In coordination with the Building and Grounds and Safety Committee, a location for the installation of the relocated pavilion roof has been determined just outside of the Dog Park fence at Country Club Park. As soon as ground conditions permit, the groundwork and installation will begin.

Submitted February 15, 2022, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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