General Manager’s Report, January 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On January 28, 2018

Administration Operational Updates

Clubhouse Loan Payoff: In accordance with the direction of the Lake Holiday Board of Directors, the LHCC Clubhouse Loan has been paid off. The payoff was scheduled to coincide with the maturation of CDARS investments attached to the Association’s General Fund, and occurred on January 18, 2018.

Computer Equipment Replacement: The planned replacement of aging office computers, and a gatehouse PC occurred in December in accordance with the approved Replacement Reserve (RR) expenditure. All office workstations/computers were replaced during the 2017 fiscal year, and all have been upgraded to Windows 10 Professional for OS consistency throughout the office. The TechComm Committee was instrumental in the replacements, providing staff with recommendations regarding the necessary equipment. Thank you, TechComm Committee members, for your expertise and assistance.

Collection Efforts: Jill Whitacre and I recently met with representatives of the McCarthy & Akers Law Firm regarding collection procedures, liens and judgements. The primary purpose of our meeting was to obtain best practice recommendations regarding the effective filing of liens against delinquent properties and to obtain a lien template acceptable to the courts.

Discussions naturally led to a brief conversation regarding foreclosure options as well, with counsel providing management with some thoughts on the value of foreclosure actions and judgements in various circumstances as well as some guidance on how the Association might best proceed should the Board wish to explore foreclosure as an option in some circumstances. I am available to any group the Board might task with exploring such options, as I believe that foreclosure may be advantageous in some circumstances depending upon the Board’s priorities and vision.

Matt Akers has provided the Association with a template and instructions for the filing of liens, and Jill and I are working to prioritize delinquent properties so that we may begin filing liens in February. The timing of the filings will allow us to lien for amounts due in 2017, and to accelerate the dues on delinquent accounts for the remainder of 2018, securing a claim on those amounts at the same time.

AQUA Water Outage Information: The recent cold has contributed to numerous water outages due to infrastructure issues (frozen, broken pipes, etc.). As a result, many association members have called or emailed Administrative Staff requesting updates, information, etc. Although we are happy to help in any way we can, staff generally does not have any information other than that which we release through email blasts and on the website as a courtesy to our membership. Calling Aqua directly is the best way to ensure that they are aware of the magnitude of a given water outage, or issue. The more members who report their issues directly to Aqua, the more information Aqua will have available to help track down the source of issues, and correct them.

Please note that staff members are not able to report outages to Aqua on behalf of our members. If you have a water or sewer issue, please call Aqua directly at 877-987-2782. Thank you for your cooperation.

Maintenance Department Notes: The maintenance department continues to cutback the underbrush, remove overgrowth, and to clean out accumulated ditch debris along community roadsides.

Maintenance personal have responded quickly to changing weather conditions, at times arriving in the middle of the night to treat community roads during weather events in an attempt to keep the roads as safe as possible. Feedback from the community has been positive regarding their efforts, and our members have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for the department’s efforts. Thank you to our members, the positive feedback is appreciated, and I always pass it on to department members.

The colder than normal temperatures of late December and early January have made keeping the roadways ice-free somewhat more difficult than usual as melting snow and ice often quickly refreeze before the roads are able to dry. Such frozen spots may not be readily apparent and can be isolated to small areas. Please remain cautious, driving safely and remaining cognizant of current road conditions.

The cold weather has brought with it issues with the bar code readers at both the maintenance facility, and the front gate. During extreme cold the readers sometimes fail to correctly read barcodes. The issue has been explored by various vendors over the years, and efforts have been made to rectify it, but is continues to reoccur during the coldest weeks of winter. Staff will continue to work with vendors in search of a viable solution, and ask that members be patient when experiencing such issues. We are aware that they do occur at times, and are working to minimize any inconvenience they may create while a solution is sought.

Looking forward, the maintenance department will continue to monitor and to respond to our weather with road clearing operations and will continue to cleanup along the roadways throughout the winter months. The crew will also begin taking actions to prepare for the coming of warmer weather. Such preparations will include building of kayak and canoe racks, pruning of landscape plants where appropriate later this winter, constructing and repairing picnic tables for the common areas, etc. Although it’s cold now, warmer weather is just around the corner!

Ongoing Efforts / Projects

Trash Facility Compactor Loop: I continue to work to formulate recommendations and estimates regarding hard-surfacing of the trash compactor loop. I am awaiting some additional feedback from Republic Services and will then be seeking estimates from local contractors who have done similar work for the association in the past. I anticipate having recommendations along with some budgetary estimates for the Board’s consideration by the end of February.

Dam Hill Guard Rails: Kidwell Fencing has installed the guard rails along the steep hill just over the dam spillway that runs along South Lakeview Drive.

Community Hub: I recently met with President Traczyk, Director Simko, and Director Noble at the Community Hub location to discuss projects approved and slated for 2018 including the installation of horseshoe pits and picnic tables, along with projects slated for future years that require further investigation and planning. It is my understanding that the Building and Grounds Committee is working to further detail some of the planned projects in the Hub area. Staff is available to assist as needed in these planning efforts, and our maintenance staff will be available to assist with installations once plans are finalized.

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