General Manager’s Report, January 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On January 18, 2019

January 2019, General Manager’s Report

Tar & Chip Phase III Preparation:  Phase I and Phase II of the planned tar & chip application successfully provided protection for more than two-thirds of the Association’s paved road surfaces. The 2019 planned Replacement Reserve (RR) expenditure of up to $157,500 is believed to be sufficient to allow Lake Holiday to treat all roads remaining untreated along with the parking areas at the Clubhouse, Tennis Court, and the School Bus Stop.

Tar and Chip is not recommended for the parking lot areas as the nature of parking lot traffic will not allow proper conditioning and adhesion and will likely result in less than ideal surface conditions and surface damage as cars enter and exit parking spaces during the curing process. In speaking with various road application contractors, I have been advised that the Association would be best served by the utilization of a penetrating seal coat followed by the re-striping of the parking lots in lieu of a tar and chip application.

With these things in mind, and if the Board agrees, I will begin preparing three separate RFPs for this year’s road maintenance projects with one RFP for the remainder of the untreated roads; one for the clubhouse parking areas; and one for the school bus stop parking area.

  • I propose separating the parking lot areas into two RFPs due to the timing of work.
  • Ideally, the School Bus lot would be done when school is out for the summer break.
  • The Clubhouse areas would be completed either prior to Memorial Day or after Labor Day in order to limit inconvenience to our members during the main recreational season.

Prior to undertaking the proposed work at the school bus stop, I want to once again briefly bring up the topic of traffic flow at the bus stop. Each year I receive comments both in favor of the current pattern and others requesting that it be changed.  The Board of Directors will need to consider and discuss the traffic pattern at the Bus Stop parking area.

One of the comments I receive has to do with the width of the current entry/exit lane and the lack of a paved radius at the exit.  If the traffic pattern is to remain the same, I do recommend having a paved radius added at the exit point in order to make entry and exit a little easier.  Currently exiting vehicles routinely drive off of the paved surface creating potholes in the shoulder and throwing rocks onto vehicles waiting to exit.  If agreeable, I will add this to the RFP for the school bus lot.

If the Board is okay with the current bus stop configuration and the proposed approach to this season’s RR road work, I will begin preparing the RFPs with the goal of having them in front of the Board for review in either February or March.

Capital Projects Budget Expenditures:  In 2018 the Board approved a transfer of $150,000 into the Capital Projects account for a number of specified purposes. It is my understanding that some of these slated amounts are intended to accumulate over a period of years until enough money is on hand to move forward with a given project. Other funds are adequate to perform the specified work now.  At this point, our capital budgeting process does not clearly identify when a given expenditure is projected to occur.

Board Resolution 2017-02 the Budget and Expenditures Policy states that: “Budgeted Capital Expenses and Special Expenses, which have been set aside in unique and identifiable lines in the budget, may be executed by the General Manager, without further consultation with the Board, for each line item that is less than $5000.”

The issue with this is that in the absence of an anticipated timeline and without set plans for some projects, some projects may not be properly executed in accordance with the Board’s vision. In the long run, it would be beneficial to have a Capital Improvement plan much like the Replacement Reserve plan which indicates in which year and in what amount accumulated funds are likely to be expended.

In the meantime, I have a couple of items that I believe we are ready to move forward on which are under the $5,000 limit meaning they do not require specific Board approval per the resolution quoted above. Although they do not require such specific approval, I do want to ensure that the Board is in general agreement with the planned expenditures and the projects they relate to.

Specifically, at the August 28, 2018 Board meeting, under Tab 15, $3000 was allocated for Boat and RV Storage Improvements. I have consulted with Building and Grounds Chairman, Alex Perka, along with Board President, Richard Traczyk, and we feel that the best way to improve the lot would be to provide gravel in the travel lanes so that members will have less chance of getting stuck in the muck when moving their trailers in or out of the existing yard. The goal would be to place stones in the travel lanes of the lot to provide better traction in those areas.  Once the planned expansion into the adjoining property has been accomplished, use of the storage lanes closest to the baseball backstop would be discontinued as that area is particularly wet and often inaccessible. This would allow more room for sports and help prevent members’ boats from becoming stuck.  This Board of Directors should consider these suggestions and going forward with the graveling of the travel lanes when conditions allow.

In the 2019 budget, another $3000 is earmarked for Boat and RV Storage expansion. The current Master Plan calls for such an expansion into the Association property formerly known as the Bounds property (see page 29 of the Master Plan), and a report with a plan for the expansion has been produced by the B&G Committee. That plan includes two entrances into the expanded area; one from the existing storage area; one accessing Colonial Drive.

At this point in time we are only proposing to create the entrance from the existing area into the expanded area, but the exit to Colonial could be added later if deemed necessary. Expansion at this time would entail opening an entry from the existing yard into the new area, graveling the travel lanes as shown in the expansion illustration provided, and setting posts with space numbers at each created space.  The Board of Directors should consider these recommendations and/or other steps deemed necessary prior to expansion.

Employee Safety Training:  Formalized bi-weekly safety training for maintenance staff began on Thursday January 10, 2019. The initial session focused on covering the basic safety manual developed in coordination with McGriff Insurance Services (our current Insurance broker). Future meetings will at times include office staff when specific subjects being covered are applicable to their work environment. The next safety meeting is scheduled for January 29th at 9:00 and will focus on Bloodborne Pathogen hazards in the workplace, protections, and risk avoidance. All staff members will participate in this session, and the office will need to be closed for approximately one hour for the training. We will plan to send out an email notice a day or two in advance regarding the short closure.

Jill is currently working with the American Red Cross to schedule a training date in the near future for all employees. The Red Cross will provide CPR, first aid, and pediatric first aid training for all employees. This training will require office closure for the day as training will be from 9:00 am until approximately 3:30 pm.  Once a date has been confirmed, I will pass that information on to the Board, and will communicate the scheduled closing to the community.

Handbook Implementation:  The updated PTO policy contained in the new employee handbook has been implemented. In accordance with the Board’s expressed wishes/directions at the December meeting, I have allowed employees to carry forward previously accrued (under the old policy) time into this fiscal year with the understanding that those hours must be used or paid out prior to the end of this year, and that only a maximum of 48 hours of PTO may carry over into 2020. Most employees have a minimal amount of carryover, but there are a few who have larger amounts. I will work with them in terms of scheduling to allow them to use them whenever they choose during the year so long as it won’t negatively impact services and operations.

Maintenance Department Notes:  The maintenance department is currently working on a number of winter projects between the winter weather events. These projects include road shoulder repairs, repairs to unpaved roadways in the membership lot areas, and leaf debris removal from drainage ways and ditches. Materials for these projects were purchased in December and are stockpiled on site to facilitate continuing work efforts as weather and conditions allow. Board members will notice the expenditure of $10,572.20 in December 2018 for the gravel necessary to accomplish this winter work. This exceeded the budgeted amount by $572.20 due to the inclusion of two loads of gravel for road treatment during winter weather in the invoicing, but remained below the overages allowed by the Budgeting and Expenditures Policy.

Late Winter Office Hours on Saturday:  Each year the office is open on a limited number of Saturdays to allow members the opportunity to conduct Association business such as kayak/canoe rack renewals and boat registrations in person without needing to miss work during the week.  Last year, the office opened a half day on the first Saturday of March, April, and May. The Saturday hours in March were well utilized by the membership, but the days in April and May were very slow with only one or two members coming in on those days. Staff is planning to open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday March 2nd in order to accommodate members wishing to handle such Association business on a weekend prior to the due date for boat slip registration forms. In consideration of the historical response to additional Saturday openings, I do not believe it is beneficial or necessary to open the office on subsequent Saturdays later in the spring, however if the Board would like us to do so, we will schedule additional dates for Saturday business hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC General Manager

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