General Manager’s Report, January 2021


Written by Mike Goodwin

On January 18, 2021

January 2021

General Manager’s Report

Beach II Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Beach II site plan was recently finalized by Greenway Engineering and has been approved by Frederick County for permitting and development.  This plan was the culmination of nearly two years of discussions and planning by the Master Planning Committee and I in coordination with Greenway Engineering.

The next step forward will be to begin gathering prices from qualified excavation contractors capable of completing the necessary site grading, stormwater management installations, and final ground stabilization of Phase A of the two-part site plan.  Phase A includes the widening and flattening of the beach area, the installation of beach underdrains to further control sand migration, the provision of handicapped access to the beach and the relocated pier, and the addition of thirteen new parking spots.

A collaborative effort with Directors Majewski and Hair, with input from other MPC members, has resulted in a Draft Request for Proposals (RFP) which immediately follows this report.  The RFP is largely complete, but a few issues will require Board input prior to finalization.  Specifically, a desired start date will need to be determined, along with an RFP dissemination date, proposal submission due date, and possibly a desired completion date.

Things to consider:

  • Bidders will need time to conduct site visits, seek County and/or engineer input, ask questions of LHCC, and prepare a comprehensive proposal submittal.  I believe 6 weeks would be a minimum amount of time to allot before proposals are due, with 8 – 10 weeks preferable.
  • Once proposals have been received, LHCC will likely need a few weeks to review, ask questions, receive responses back, and formulate a recommendation for contract awarding (if it is determined to move forward at that time considering proposal specifics).
  • Does the Board wish to avoid impacting the 2021 recreational season at Beach II by setting a later start date, or would you rather try to start ASAP with the understanding that the area will need to be closed to members during the construction process.
  • If the Board were to approve of dissemination now (end of January) and gave only 6 weeks for review and submittal, only allowed ten days for LHCC review/questions, etc. We would be looking at an end of March review at best.  In my opinion, this would all be too rushed, but even with such a pace, if a contract were awarded at the end of March, a permit would likely not be issued until early May, perhaps mid-May, resulting in a start of late May or early June at best (this would be dependent upon contractor availability/scheduling).

With this timeline in mind, the Beach II area would likely need to be closed all summer if we proceeded as fast as practical.  An alternative would be to set a proposed late summer start date and ask the bidders work to that specified date.  This could be August 1, September 1, etc.… and would allow the area to remain open during some or all the normal season. This would also allow more time for bidders to submit, LHCC to review, ask questions, etc. and more time for the Board to consider proposals prior to making a decision. 

If delayed until fall, ground stabilization, grass planting, etc. may not be completed until spring. Landscaping and paving most likely would need to follow in the spring of 2022 as well, but that is not necessary an issue and may be the logical choice under the circumstances.

Beach II Planning Expense Total

The totals are in from the creation of the approved Beach II site plan.  The base price of the original contract was $30,100.00 with additional revisions, project coordination, and additional work to be billed hourly per the contracted rates. The final total came to $40,917.50 and included some unanticipated but needed revisions and one extra. 

The extra came from Greenway’s assistance in applying for and obtaining the necessary U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Nationwide Permit. This addon resulted in an additional expense of roughly $2,200.00.

Unanticipated revisions included splitting the project into Phase A and Phase B.  I requested this once it became clear that without a split, LHCC would need to spend roughly $30k on environmental water quality offset credits (primarily due to changes in what is now Phase B).  While splitting resulted in a large amount of additional work, no offset credits are required for Phase A, and if Phase B is never undertaken, no offset credit payments will be necessary.  If the project had remained one phase, that offset payment would be due in full upon permitting.  The end result is a savings of approximately $25k now.

Emergency Exit, Undeveloped Area Roads

Much progress has been made on the southside emergency exit road and on problem areas in the undeveloped area roadways near Beach III and along the lakefront in that general area.  Don and Ben Cook (Keystone Builders) brought in the necessary equipment, and with some assistance from our Maintenance staff, made considerable headway in addressing some of the most problematic areas along those roadways.  This included replacing collapsed culvert pipes, cutting back and chipping up trees encroaching on and even growing in the ditch lines (some trees of up to 8-inch caliber had grown in some ditches after years of neglect), opening and reestablishing positive drainage through rehabilitation of existing ditches, road grading, and gravel application in select areas.  Although much progress has been made, there remains much to do, and work will continue this spring as weather, funds and scheduling allows. Plans include top dressing many of the newly reworked areas with gravel and making some needed improvements to the Beach III access road. 

Submitted January 18, 2021by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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