General Manager’s Report January 2022


Written by Judy

On January 23, 2022

Front Gate Barrier Controllers

The front entry gate barriers have continued to be problematic with both sensor and mechanical failures at various times.  These controllers were used when installed and came from the temporary back gate utilized during the lake drawdown, although they have provided a couple years of service, they are quickly wearing out. In addition, they are operating on ground sensor loops which were installed many years ago.  At this time, both gate barriers are functioning as expected but due to the continued failure of various components, I have sought pricing for a complete replacement.  Replacement would include all sensors (including the under-pavement ground loops, and safety sensors) along with the gate operators and arms.  I requested quotes from BK Solutions, Golden Seal Enterprises and MC Fence and Deck.  BK Solutions provided a quote for complete replacement which includes break-away arm bars with LED light kits in the amount of $11,332.14, Golden Seal Enterprises declined to provide a quote as they are not currently providing complete install service for gate operators (they do continue to service such equipment), and MC Fence and Deck has not yet responded to multiple requests for a quote through their local office. I recommend moving forward with a full replacement through BK Solutions with funding from Replacement Reserve with a Not to Exceed of $12,500 (to allow room for material price changes due to the time since the quote was prepared in December and in consideration of the current price volatility).

Allied Universal Security Services

Allied Universal Security (AUS) assumed operation of the Lake Holiday Entry Gate and Patrol Services on January 1, 2022, at midnight.  The handover went without any major issues, and community response and feedback have been positive for most part since that time. AUS staff has been learning the ins and outs of the community, the CapSure software, as well as the location of various community assets and areas of concern. Although there are likely still some minor issues to work through, services have been inline with expectations.  The HelAUS reporting and tracking system is currently being configured and when fully implemented will allow tracking and reporting of Patrol Services throughout the community to AUS and LHCC management.  

Beach II Schedule Update

I recently requested an update of the schedule for the completion of earthworks, concrete, and asphalt operations at beach II from Pine Knoll Construction. Ron Whitfield provided me updated timeframes on January 6th estimating the following: Topsoil fill to be completed the last week of February, the Beach underdrain system to be completed and sand placed the last week of February, stone placed, and concrete completed the third week of February, and stone placed, and asphalt completed mid-April.  These estimates are subject to change in response to weather conditions. Once these items have been completed, I will begin working with contractors to build the ramp to the beach from the handicapped parking area, and to relocate the floating dock to its proper placement.  In addition, I will need to obtain landscaping bids in accordance with the approved site plan specifications. The intent will be to have all this work completed by late spring or early summer.

Undeveloped Area Roadwork and Drainage Improvements

During December 2021 and into January 2022, with the help of Don and Ben Cook of Keystone Builders, we have made excellent progress in improving the emergency exit route to Ebenezer Church Road and to the waterfront roads in sections 6A and 6B.  Improvements have been made to the drainage along and the surfaces of these routes.  Additional work is planned in the area as the weather and scheduling allows.

Clubhouse Table Replacement

The Clubhouse table replacement approved by the Board in November has been partially completed with the 20 direct replacements for existing tables having been acquired, and the requested new additions on order along with the two table carts.  We have requested an updated timeline for the arrival of those items still on order but have not yet received a time estimate as of this writing.

Submitted January 18, 2022, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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