General Manager’s Report, July 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On July 19, 2019
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DCR Annual Inspection Report : The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) requires that a dam inspection report be completed and filed annually detailing the condition of LHCC’s earthen dam and its maintenance. Every second year, this report must be completed by a licensed dam engineer.  In 2019, a professional engineer’s assessment was required.  On June 20th, Bruce Bowers of Viola Engineering, and I conducted this year’s inspection, with Bruce producing the required report for the DCR in the days following the actual inspection.  The inspection went very well, with no deficiencies noted, and with no significant changes having occurred.  I received a copy of the report on Monday and will send a signed copy to Dr. Wang at the DCR later this week fulfilling the reporting requirements for this year.  A copy of the 2019 report has been included at the end of this report for your information / review.

In addition to the annual inspection, LHCC is required to conduct periodic Emergency Action Plan tabletop exercises.  On June 13th Lake Holiday hosted a joint tabletop exercise with Lake Isaac.  The exercise was facilitated by Frederick County Emergency Management Director Chester Lauck. Attendees included members of the Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department, the Public Safety Communications Department, the County Administration, Viola Engineering, Triad Engineering, as well as representatives from Lake Isaac and Lake Holiday. The exercise involved a hurricane scenario and allowed the attendees to work through the steps and communications involved in properly addressing such an evolving situation so as to guard and protect public safety.  Such exercises are highly beneficial in establishing connections and cooperation between various agencies and promote effectual responses should an actual emergency arise.  This tabletop exercise satisfies the DCR requirements for such exercises and will need to be repeated in 2 – 3 years.

Project Status Updates: 231 Redland Demolition – Pine Knoll Completed the demolition, cleanup, and soil stabilization at the former office site on June 28, 2019.  The project went as anticipated and included the removal of eight dead or dying pine trees in close proximately of the old structure.  The total cost of all related work came to $32,150. Coming in under the budgeted allowance.

2019 Parking Lot Maintenance & Sealing – Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance anticipates beginning the School Bus Stop parking lot repairs and sealing the week of July 22nd. The projected start date could change somewhat depending upon the weather and the completion date of Wilson’s other ongoing projects.  The Clubhouse parking lots are scheduled to begin after Frederick County Schools return in the fall, an exact start date will be communicated to the community when such becomes available.

2019 Tar & Chip – Carroll Construction has not yet provided an exact date for the start of the 2019 Tar and Chip applications.  Work is expected to begin in mid to late August or possibly early September, with the exact timing being dependent upon a number of factors including Carroll’s completion of other prior (VDOT) commitments, and the weather.  I have requested that Carroll give us a minimum of a week’s notice when the time comes, so that the community may be adequately informed in advance.

Boat Parking Yard Expansion – Expansion of the boat & trailer parking area into parcel 21C (formerly the Bounds property) is set to begin later this month and continue during the first few weeks of August with the goal of having new spots established, marked, and available for assignment at the end of August.  In pursuit of that end, a meeting has been scheduled for later this week to stake out the area so that the physical work may begin and supplies such as spot identification numbers may be ordered.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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