General Managers Report, July 2020


Written by Mike Goodwin

On August 20, 2020

General Manager’s Report

Independence Day Celebration a Great Success

The LHCC Independence Day Celebration fireworks on July 3rd were a great success again this year.  The fireworks themselves were well received by the membership with many kudos being expressed to the Board and to staff alike.  This year’s crowds were somewhat reduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who chose to attend were met with a great selection of food choices thanks to Lakeview Snacks and the food truck vendors in attendance. The Haines Security Team members, Maintenance Team members, and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy on duty were all treated to meals through the generosity of the food vendors. Many thanks to the vendors for their generosity, and to the Activity Committee members who coordinated with the vendors for the event. 

Traffic flow to and from the Clubhouse was greatly improved this year due to the implementation of the traffic recommendations formulated by the Safety Advisory Committee and approved by the Board. This coupled with the presence and efforts of the additional Haines Security personnel and the Frederick County Deputy engaged for the event, made exiting the Clubhouse after the event much more organized and efficient than in years past.  Thank you to the community volunteers and staff members involved, without their work both visible and behind the scenes, such events would not be possible.  The maintenance crew worked a very long day on what was their scheduled paid holiday.  Many thanks to the crew!

Members of the Safety Advisory Committee and staff, along with Board representatives met a few days after the event to review how the traffic flow, parking, food trucks, etc. went, and to further hone plans for traffic flow arrangements, and event setup during future events. Overall, we felt that the executed plans worked very well.

Dog Park Update

The LHCC Dog Park project is well underway now with the site having been previously graded in preparation, this week it was dressed with topsoil, and stabilized with quick growing annual rye and straw. Once the fencing has been installed and the fall rains are expected, the site will be seeded with an appropriate grass seed in time for fall growth.  Actual fence installation is anticipated to begin over the next week or so, with a target completion date of August 15th.

Dam Inspection and Annual Report

The annual dam inspection and the subsequent Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR) filings were completed on July 2, 2020 and filed with the VDCR on that date.  This completes all required filings for this calendar year.  Next year’s annual report must be completed by a licensed engineer in accordance with VDCR regulations.  Viola Engineering is under agreement to conduct the 2021 inspection as they did in 2019. A copy of the 2020 Annual Report follow this report.

Respectfully submitted by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

July 22, 2020

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