General Manager’s Report, July 2021


Written by Mike Goodwin

On July 26, 2021

Marina Reconfiguration Update

On June 29th, Director Reedy and I met with AJ Thomas of Lakeside Dock Sales and Services, and Don Cook of Keystone Builders to further discuss Lakeside’s reconfiguration proposal, and to establish and mark dock landing locations so that the necessary land works may be undertaken in preparation for the reconfiguration.

Director Reedy and I requested a number of items be clarified in the proposal in accordance with input received from the Board at the June 22, 2021, Board meeting.  A copy of the updated proposal accepted on July 8, 2021, follows. A deposit in the amount of $40,000 was made to Lakeside Docks on that date.  Lakeside will begin construction of necessary dock components for the reconfiguration project and will plan to be onsite to perform the reconfiguration in early October. 

Don Cook will be working with the Association to make the necessary grading changes, establish landing points for each pier, and to reconfigure the paths to them.  This will include grading changes to make the center pier handicapped accessible via a concrete walkway accessible from the boat ramp area.

Security Services Request for Proposals Update

In accordance with the Board’s direction at its June meeting, the Security Services Request for Proposals (RFP) was disseminated to six security firms on July 14, 2021.  Responses are due by 4:00 PM on August 16, 2021. The security firms receiving the RFP were: Winchester Security Services, SecTek Inc., The Haines Agency, Golden Seal Enterprises, Allied Universal Services, and Admiral Security.  I have received confirmation of receipt from all six firms. 

Clubhouse HVAC Unit

One of the six HVAC units servicing the Clubhouse facility needs replacement.  Air Care Services has made minor repairs to keep it working temporarily, but it is not expected to last very long due to its age and current condition.  The heat pump as well as its air handler are approaching 15 years of service at this point, and I do not believe it would make sense to continue replacing parts and patching it up due to its age and length of service.

Replacement of both the heat pump and its corresponding air handler with high quality Heil brand 3-ton (14 SEER efficiency rating) units (10-year compressor warranty) is estimated at $7,480.00.  At this point, I have only the one estimate, but the pricing is consistent with past pricing on similar replacements. The proposal I have comes from our current maintenance service provider, Air Care Services (also the low bidder and chosen contractor for our recent HVAC air quality upgrades in the lower level of the Clubhouse). 

I recommend replacement of the failing system at a cost not to exceed $8,000.  The Clubhouse HVAC systems are clumped together in the Replacement Reserve with an anticipated expenditure of $30,000.00 indicated for 2023.  I will defer to our Treasurer as to the most desirable funding source for replacement should the Board approve moving forward with replacement, but the Replacement Reserve is an option. 

Marina Stairway

The wooden stairway which leads from the small parking area above the marina (at Aqua’s water treatment plant) down to the boat ramp area, is in disrepair.  This wooden stairway was rebuilt/replaced in 2006 or 2007 by our maintenance crew. Since that time, the pressure treated wood has once again deteriorated to the point of needing replacement (see photos), and the entire structure has become wobbly if shaken by hand.

I question the usefulness and need for this particular stairway in light of changes to the area and its use.  Prior to the construction of the water treatment plant (at the top of the stairs), this was a viable parking area which could easily hold a dozen cars or more.  At present, there is room for 4 or perhaps 5 vehicles in that area. Once parked there, the number of actual footsteps to get down to the ramp are roughly the same as the number necessary to walk down the paved loop to the bottom of the stairs (prior to 2008, this road was unpaved making walking the loop a less attractive option than now).  In my estimation, the stairs save no effort for the walker and in addition, they are located behind Aqua’s sediment/flush tanks making it necessary to walk through their treatment area to actually utilize the stairs.  With all this mind, I recommend the Board consider removal of this staircase instead of replacement. I will look to Board for direction in this matter and am happy to get quotes for replacement should that be desired, or I can have our maintenance crew affect removal should that option be chosen.

2020 Audit by Decker and Company

Representatives from Decker and Company are scheduled to be onsite on July 28th to complete testing of selected items (contracts, invoices, payables, etc.) and for interviews with select employees so that they may finalize the 2020 Audit.  Staff is currently pulling and organizing the requested documentation for review and will work with the auditors to facilitate an efficient and thorough review of all requested items.

Beach III Area Improvements

Beach III access road improvements were completed as planned prior to the July 3rd fireworks.  Keystone builders corrected some drainage issues in the immediate area, widened the access roadway some to allow access by larger vehicles such as small to mid-sized dump trucks, and smoothed out the roads surface. 

While Keystone had their track loader onsite, I also had them utilize it to remove eight large dead trees just past the beach area were people often picnic, fish, seek shade, etc.  The logs resulting from the removal of these dead and dangerous trees were utilized to block the path on the nearby hillside where people often off road in four-wheel drives resulting in considerable erosion issues.  We are hopeful this blockage will prevent such damages in that area going forward. 

Submitted July 21, 2021, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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