General Manager’s Report, June 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On June 28, 2018

Storm Issues Update

The heavy rains which fell upon Lake Holiday at the end of May and during the first week of June created many issues within the community.  These included washed-out beaches, damages to the Yeiders Run bridge, overflowing ditches, and several damaged and litter clogged drainage-ways.

I am pleased to report that recovery from such issues is progressing quickly, and many problems have already been successfully addressed.  The maintenance crew was able to recover most of the sand on Lake Holiday Beach I & Beach II, and those areas are now in comparable shape to conditions before the storms.

The crew has been working hard to restore proper flow through damaged drainage-ways and has made tremendous progress toward that objective.  There are many areas that still need attention and work on those will continue into the summer.  The good news is that most of the severe drainage issues have been addressed, and water routes have been restored in most cases.

As of this report, the repairs to the bridge over Yeiders are complete. The bridge is now open to all traffic and that normal usage has resumed.  The repairs made will not only address the erosion issues created during the recent storms, but they will serve to prevent such occurrences in the future.  The result is we now have not only a repaired bridge, but an improved and more durable bridge.  The quick turnaround on the repairs can be attributed to the decisive actions of the LHCC Board of Directors; to the efforts of Ruckman Engineering owner Richard Ruckman; and of the chosen contractor, Pine Knoll Construction.  Thank you to all who were involved!

The Dam spillway performed flawlessly through the heavy rains and was able to handle the extreme flows with ease.  Years ago, prior to spillway reconstruction, such rains would likely have created significant shoreline flooding for property owners located on the waterfront.

The significant inflow of runoff into the lake did result in high levels of potentially harmful bacteria, but those number have since subsided, and the numbers are once again within normal safe recreational ranges.  The Lake Committee volunteers will continue weekly testing in conjunction with the Friends of the Shenandoah River Lab at Shenandoah University.  Many thanks to the volunteers who facilitate this weekly sampling, as they help to ensure that the water is safe for all.

Horse Shoe Pit Update

The maintenance team has had to adjust planned activities in order to repair the areas damaged during the storms and completion of some projects have been delayed.  The horse shoe pits planned for the community hub are one such project.  The installation of the pits is now planned move to the week June 18th and are well underway.  Thank you for your patience regarding this planned project.  The Bocce ball court will be completed later in the summer/fall, once grass growth has subsided and time allows.

Maintenance Department Summer Help

President Traczyk’s initiative to provide part-time summer employment to local youths has proven highly successful. The Association has hired two local young men to help with summer maintenance chores.  Both are working out well and have been of great help to the maintenance department and to the community in general.  At this point, we have all the help we need and are no longer hiring for part-time summer positions.  Thank you, President Traczyk, for getting the word out to the community.

Updates to Recent Approvals

The new copy center has been delivered and is working very well.  Not only does the copier meet all of the office and community needs, but its acquisition also has helped to reduce in-house printing expenses by approximately 50% as compared to the previous copier contract.

The Turf Tiger mower purchase approved by the Board in May has been finalized, the mower has been delivered, and is working well.

The approved tar & chip proposal from Carroll Construction has been executed incorporating all the details included in the original request for bids into a contract.  Carroll anticipates beginning the work in August or early September.  Management has requested as much notice as possible prior (preferably at least two weeks) to the commencement of work so that we may communicate with the community well in advance of the start date.  We will be working to maximize the notice time so that we can minimize the inconvenience to the membership.  Please know that this is an important part of our road maintenance and saves us for greater inconveniences in the long run.

Replacement Reserve Items

The current replacement reserve schedule includes a planned expenditure for the replacement of mail boxes this year.  President Traczyk and I have discussed this planned expenditure and, after an assessment of the mail stations, we do not believe that replacement will be necessary.  There are several box pedestals which will require replacement, but otherwise, some prep and painting will likely suffice.

With this is mind, I will be seeking pricing for the fabrication and installation of the required replacement pedestals, and for the prep and painting of those pedestal and of the few boxes that are rusted or have paint flaking off.  Once I have obtained some estimates, I will bring those forward for Board consideration.

The backhoe attachment for the Association’s Kubota tractor is currently out of operation and in need of repair or replacement. At this time, the valve body is not functioning correctly, the hydraulic pump needs repair or replacement, and many of the hydraulic hoses need to be replaced.  We are currently using a rented machine to effect repairs to the drainage ditches, and for other routine maintenance operations . I have requested pricing for the necessary repairs but will also be seeking estimates for the replacement of the attachment itself so that the costs of repairs may be compared to the option of replacement.  We are hopeful that we will have all the necessary information on these options in time for the July Board meeting.

Mike Goodwin, General Manager

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