General Manager’s Report, March 2019


Written by Mike Goodwin

On March 19, 2019

Storm Damage Recovery Efforts:  The ice and wind storm of February 12, 2019 is now a full five weeks behind us. Unfortunately, much of the mess created by the event still remains to be addressed. The LHCC maintenance crew continues to work to remove downed trees from the roadways and drainage areas in membership areas 6A and 6B, and to clear the roadways throughout the common areas that were once Sections 11 & 12. The crew is working in those areas as time allows while keeping up with the normal maintenance routines throughout the rest of the community.

The membership area roads on the other side of the lake, in Section 8A, were also particularly hard-hit by the storms and have literally hundreds of trees across them. In order to restore passage as quickly as possible, we have contracted with Smelser’s Tree Service to remove the downed trees in Section 8A. Work is progressing well there and I am hopeful that all roadways will be open in that section by weeks’ end, or early the following week. Once all roads have been reopened, there will remain much work to do.

The downed trees along with ice and snow have resulted in muddy deteriorated roadways throughout much of the undeveloped areas. This coupled with the truck and tractor traffic from efforts to open the roadways, have resulted in unsatisfactory road conditions in many areas. It will be necessary to re-grade such areas throughout once they have dried up enough to allow such, and they will likely require gravel and possibly rolling to stabilize them well once grading has occurred. At this point, it is hard to know exactly what will be required to accomplish restoration of satisfactory road conditions in those areas. Once all roadways are open and the ground has dried some, I will seek an estimate from our vendors for the necessary grading and drainage work, keep the Board and the community updated as developments occur, and as the total impact becomes more well defined.

EAP Contact List Revisions / Dam Engineering Firm:  Following the February 26, 2019 Board meeting, I was able to finalize an agreement with Mark Viola of Viola Engineering for the Association’s Dam Engineering consultation and Inspection services. Mark will be conducting the annual dam inspection this summer as a part of this agreement and will be attending the June 13th EAP table-top exercise as LHCC’s dam engineering consultant. Now that LHCC has an agreement with Viola, I will be able to finalize the required EAP contact list updates and get those out the required officials. I am hopeful to complete this work in the coming month.

Project Updates

Boat Storage Yard Update:  Plans to lay gravel lanes in the boat storage yard were delayed due to ground conditions the past few weeks. Conditions are now improving and I am scheduled to meet with our vendor later this week to reassess the conditions and hopefully move things forward on that front. The plan is to remove the topsoil in the areas where gravel roadways/paths are to be created (3-4” deep), and then to place and compact the gravel to provide for a solid travel path. This will not totally solve all issues in the lot as the areas where trailers are actually parked will remain sod, but the solid travel lanes will allow many members the access they require, and the maintenance team will be available assist those who need help to get their trailers to the solid surface (arrangements through the office will be required/assistance by appointment).

Once the currently existing side of the storage lot has been improved to allow better access this spring, we will be working to open up the expanded area as previously detailed in the January 22, 2019 Board materials.

Disc Golf Course:  Much of the Disc Golf Course is now in place and the course is currently playable. I have witnessed a number of members out enjoying the course over the past few weeks. There are some items still left to complete, such as the crosswalks, delivery and placement of course related signage, removal of some dead and fallen trees etc. Volunteer members and staff continue to work to get things in place and in good order prior to the official kick-off opening of the course fully in early May. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate having everything in place by that time.

Walking Trail Project:  At this point, construction of the walking trail project approved in January by the Board has not yet begun. The contract stipulates that work will not begin until ground conditions for excavation are adequate with the subsoil being unfrozen and unsaturated. Ground conditions have improved significantly over the past two weeks. With this in mind, I am meeting with Ben Cook of Keystone Builders later this week to discuss the possibility of getting the project underway in the near future. If the weather conditions remain favorable and Keystone’s scheduling allows, I am hopeful that we can get this one started sooner in the spring than originally anticipated.

Greenway Engineering Site Plans:  Representatives from Greenway Engineering were onsite on Thursday March 14th to meet with members of the Building & Grounds Committee, the Master Planning Committee, the Lake Committee, other interested Association members, and me for a walkthrough of the three-site-plan-development areas in order to discuss the site plan creation process; discuss preliminary options; and to help clarify the Association’s desires and priorities in each location.

Greenway will now begin the process of developing the plans for all three areas. Greenway will begin surveying these areas in the coming week or two and will be working to formulate an updated project schedule for the remainder of the work flow. Once this becomes available, I will update the Board regarding their anticipated schedule.

Employee Safety Training Schedule:  LHCC Office and Maintenance Staff are scheduled for a First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens class on April 3, 2019. The class is an all-day session provided by The Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department and will take place at their facility. The office will be closed on that date to allow all employees to attend. This has been noted on the community calendar, and an email announcement will be sent to the community a few days in advance of the closing as a reminder.

Tar & Chip and Parking Lot Sealing RFPs:  I have drafted three RFPs for the Board’s review. One is for the 2019 Tar & Chip program, one for sealing and striping of the Clubhouse parking lot areas, and one for the sealing and striping of the School Bus Stop parking area and bus loop. The RFPs are in the Board Book Materials on the POA website. I propose sending these out promptly after the Board meeting if there are no objections (having completed any revisions requested).

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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