General Manager’s Report, May 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On May 24, 2018

Asphalt Pavement, Tar and Chip

On April 25, 2018, the RFB for planned 2018 tar & chip maintenance treatments was sent to seven reputable paving contractors identified through their past work for the Association, and through recommendations received from VDOT representatives. Specifically, the RFB was sent to John Lake Paving, Kerrigan Paving, Carroll Construction, Whitehurst Paving, W – L Construction and Paving, Stuart M. Perry, and Kickin’ Asphalt Paving & Excavating. The RFB was not sent to the many smaller companies in the area as they do not generally have the manpower or equipment necessary to do such large applications.

The deadline for proposals was May 15, 2018 by 5:00 PM. Of those contacted, three contractors responded favorably with Carroll Construction, Kerrigan Paving, and John Lake Paving arranging site visits to look at the work proposed. Stuart M. Perry contacted me to say that they did not offer tar & chip services at this time, and to suggest Kerrigan Paving and John Lake Paving as contractors in this geographic area who may be able to provide such services. In the end, only one bid was received. The bid submitted is from Carroll Construction, and follows this report. Carroll was contracted to do the tar & chip in 2016, and successfully completed that work on time and in accordance with the specifications utilized for that project. Carroll Construction has worked for the Association many times over the years, and has consistently provided the best pricing submitted, and has completed their work on time and in an acceptable manner. Carroll completed paving projects for the association in 2006, 2007, 2016, and 2017.

Other Planned 2018 Replacement Reserve (RR) Expenditures

There are several other planned expenditures contained in the RR for 2018, these include two 2005 model year zero-turn mowers (total planned expense of $17,600 for both mowers). The first of these is a 2005 Dixie Chopper. This mower is truly on its last legs and has had more than 1500 hours of use at LHCC (the digital hour meter has now gone bad). This mower has become unreliable over the past few years, and routinely requires mechanical repairs. The other mower on the schedule for replacement is a 2005 SKAG Turf Tiger with 1,756 metered hours of use.

In contrast to the Dixie Chopper, the Turf Tiger remains a reliable piece of equipment, has required no major repairs since its purchase, and is highly efficient in operation. Turf Tigers perform well at speeds of up to roughly 12 mph and will literally cut circles around the Dixie Choppers in LHCC’s inventory which have a much lower effective operational speed (they are touted to have a much higher effective speed of up to 16 mph, but, we have not found this to be true in real world use).

In side-by-side mowing comparisons, staff has found that the Turf Tigers consistently outperform and outmaneuver the Dixie Choppers, accomplishing more in less time. They perform better on uneven terrain and cause less operator fatigue. With these things in mind, I do not recommend replacing the 2005 Turf Tiger this year as it has no known mechanical issues and is arguably the best performing mower currently in LHCC’s inventory. I believe that the Association should retain this mower until there is a major system failure. I do recommend that you replace the 2005 Dixie Chopper, but believe we should look to replace it with another Turf Tiger.

Staff has been actively searching for used Turf Tigers for sale and have found that they do not often come up for resale. When they do, they are generally high dollar (just out of warranty period (3-years)) and are priced almost as if new, or they are very old with a high number of hours of use. We have had local dealers keeping an eye out for us, and have searched local classifieds routinely, etc.

We have recently located one local Turf Tiger for sale for $4,500 by the owner, but it is older than the mower due for replacement and has 1100 hours on it. I have included some pictures of that mower for the Board, but am hesitant to recommend buying such an old machine. It may well have several years of good potential service still left, but it is hard to know such.

We also have obtained a quote for a new Turf Tiger which follows this report (currently on sale, $500 under normal retail). I do not believe the Association can go wrong purchasing a new one, as the one currently owned has proven itself to be highly reliable and has never needed more than belt changes and blade sharpening in its 12 years of service. In comparison, the two 2013 Dixie Choppers currently owned, have both required mechanical work during their few years of service here.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the Association move away from the use of the Dixie Chopper brand as LHCC’s existing mowers are replaced, and that you move to the use of SKAG Turf Tigers if possible due to their outstanding reliability and efficiency.

In addition to the mowers, other items planned for replacement in 2018 include:

  • 2003 Street Sweeper. I recommend that we do not replace this in 2018 as it is in great working order and is only utilized a few times each year. I anticipate the 2003 will last many more years without the need for any substantial investment in repairs.
  • 2008 windows office server ($3K allotted). I have requested recommendations from our IT vendor and will forward those to the TechComm Committee for their input upon receipt.
  • Mailbox units ($14,280 allotted). Some of the current units are in poor shape and I am currently gathering information regarding replacement costs with the goal of making a recommendation in the coming months.
  • Baseball Field backstop ($3,500 allotted). There have been discussions regarding the possibility of relocating the sports field. The current location does not appear to receive much use due to the proximity of the existing boat storage lot. Staff would like Board direction on this subject.

Lot Swap Update, Lot Transfers, and Collections

The lot swap offered to members owning desired lots in section 8A has resulted in 4 lot swaps, and in 10 voluntary returns of lots to the Association (no comparable lot exchanged on these 10) so far this year.
In addition, owners have voluntarily given back 8 lots which were not a part of the 8A lot swap offer and that were not in lieu of debt owed, along with 4 lots which were returned in lieu of debt owed the Association. Total lots returned without a swap this year is 22.

At times in the past, LHCC Boards have chosen to limit the number of lots taken back in a calendar year to reduce associated expenses, legal fees, etc. The Association is currently paying fees to have deeds prepared and filed with the court. With so many lots being given back to the Association this year, it seems prudent to ask if the Board wish to continue taking back such lots.

Collection Efforts

The most recent round of delinquency notices (approximately 32 notices) led to the creation of four new payment plans, the return of one property in lieu of debt, and in one severely delinquent account being paid in full. So far this year, 32 liens have been successfully filed against delinquent properties, and an additional 28 lien filings are in process and should be completed over the course of the next few weeks.

Staff is dedicated to aggressively working toward the collection of monies due the Association and are pleased to see some positive results.

FOSR Water Testing

The Friends of the Shenandoah River Lab at Shenandoah University have been engaged again in 2018 to perform water quality testing for the Association. The actual water samples are collected by Lake Committee members who volunteer their time and efforts. Samples are generally taken from 4 or 5 locations each week to check for the presence of E. coli in the lake. Weekly testing will begin on May 24th and will continue through August 30th. Thank you to the Lake Committee volunteers who dedicate their time to sample collection, your efforts help to ensure a safe recreational environment for all LHCC members.

Camera System Review & Update

Security Committee members have been working to facilitate improvements to the existing Mobotix video camera system through interactions with security personnel, staff, and industry experts. Because of their efforts and recommendations we have scheduled a comprehensive checkup/review of all cameras, firmware, and associated software. The goal will be to optimize the configuration of the current equipment, to bring the software and firmware up to the most current releases, and to obtain recommendations for enhancements/improvements in key areas. Representatives from Golden Seal will be on-site later this month to begin the optimization. Thank you to the Security Committee for your efforts!

Maintenance Department Notes

The Lake Holiday Maintenance Department crew continues to work on preparations for the summer recreational season. As a part of those preparations they have spread over 200 tons of sand in recent days and have completed the re-staining of the Clubhouse deck. The crew began routine mowing a few weeks ago and have worked hard to clean up from the severe storms which have moved through these last few nights. All things considered, I believe the crew has done a tremendous job in addressing the maintenance needs of the community in a timely manner and they have done so while shorthanded, as the department currently has two open positions recently vacated. A big “thank you“ to the guys, great job!

REMINDER: Our new Administration Office Phone Number is 540-931-0951. Our new Administration Office mailing address is 1045 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Virginia 22625.

Mike Goodwin

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