General Manager’s Report, May 2020


Written by Mike Goodwin

On June 2, 2020

Community Related Covid-19 Updates

Recent days have brought with them the relaxation of some Covid-19 related restrictions put in place by Governor Northam’s Executive Orders. As a result of this relaxation, the Board has announced the reopening of the LHCC beaches and campground area effective this Friday, May 22nd. Although open for use, these areas remain subject to all current Executive Order regulations including a prohibition of gatherings greater than 10 people in any one location. In addition, campers/tents must be located a minimum of twenty feet apart, social distancing should be observed, and the use of face coverings is strongly encouraged.

The Association Office remains closed at this time, with services being offered primarily through telework with necessary onsite interactions scheduled by appointment only.  The Board of Directors will likely begin discussing the possibility of reopening the physical office in light of easing restrictions, and staff is currently exploring options for such a reopening when it does occur.  Under the current government guidance, The Safer At Home: Phase One Guidelines for all Business Sectors, this would likely include a limited physical staff presence (perhaps only two in the office at any given time, perhaps with limited hours or by scheduled appointment only even then) and the continued reliance on telework / remote office work whenever possible.  When telework is not possible, physical distancing between co-workers and between members of the public is required and masks should be worn by employees when working within 6 feet of others.  Under this guidance and in recognition of the current office space’s physical/spatial limitations, it will be necessary to limit the number of members allowed in the building at any given time, and perhaps not allow entry to the office space at all, with service being offered at the door as we did prior to the office closure at the end of March.  The current teleworking operational arrangements continue to work well, are a viable option, and could continue without issue until additional relaxation of restrictions occur later this summer.

Initial guidance regarding Phase Two indicates that teleworking whenever possible will continue to be encouraged/recommended and that this will remain so until Phase Three kicks in perhaps 8 -12 weeks from now.  The State guidance regarding what to expect and when to expect it may be found via the following link for those interested:

Management will await Board input regarding the continuance of teleworking, options for reopening, and a timeframe for a return to scheduled open office hours prior to finalizing any plans.  Once input has been received and plans are finalized, those plans will be conveyed to the membership.

Wood Chip Mulch Giveaway

The Board’s decision to offer free wood chip mulch to LHCC members was well received by the membership. A total of 28 member vehicles were loaded (some multiple times) and more than 130 loader buckets of mulch material was hauled away for use at member homes on Saturday May 16th.  A second opportunity for member’s wishing to take advantage of the “free mulch” offer has been scheduled for Saturday May 30th between 8 AM and Noon. Maintenance Staff members will be onsite to assist with mechanical loading when requested.

Mike Goodwin, LHCC General Manager

May 19, 2020

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