General Manager’s Report, November 2020


Written by Mike Goodwin

On November 17, 2020

November 2020

General Manager’s Report

LHCC 2011 Ford Dump Truck Update

The 2011 dump truck damaged in an accident on September 11, 2020, is still out of service for repairs currently. Upon disassembly at Malloy in Winchester, additional frame damage was uncovered.  Local body shops do not have a frame rack large or heavy enough to effect repairs on such a heavy-duty truck, necessitating a transfer to Hagerstown Leaf & Spring for frame correction.  The frame has now been corrected, and the truck was returned to Malloy late last week.  Malloy estimates an additional 2 – 3 weeks for completion of repairs.

The driver of the vehicle which caused the accident was uninsured, and the owner of the vehicle claimed that the driver did not have permission to use the vehicle. As such, LHCC’s insurance is currently covering the damage and is seeking reimbursement from the owner’s insurance.  It does not appear at this time that such reimbursement will be approved. The Association’s deductible under such circumstances is $1k.

Beach II Site Plan / RFP Update

The Beach II site plan has been approved by the County with some required modifications. The primary changes required were that the loop of Sleigh Drive be converted to one-way only traffic, and that the parking spots be angled to the street. 

Much of the land works RFP has been completed in draft form and may be completed once I have received the cut/fill take off estimates from Greenway for the Phase A portion.  That information is expected this week.  Thank you to Elizabeth Hair and to Pat Majewski for their assistance in drafting the document.  Once completed, we will plan to bring the RFP to the Board in December for consideration.

Member Request

I would like to follow up with the Board regarding a member request that I forwarded to the Board on Monday November 9, 2020, received from Mr. Alfers.  Mr. Alfers would like an update after the November meeting.  Does the Board wish to discuss the request at this time, or at some point in the future? How would the Board like for me to respond to Mr. Alfers?

Clubhouse Bat Infestation

A bat was recently observed in the Great Room of the Clubhouse. It was observed on the chimney and crawled up into the area above the ceiling.  Subsequent investigation by our Maintenance team revealed an active infestation above the Clubhouse ceiling with the bats accessing the area through chewed out areas in the soffit around the top of the chimney.  Staff contacted local exterminators to find a company that was experienced in bat removal, and available to promptly address the issue.  Pest Management Services Incorporated (PMSI) has experience in trapping bats and was able to come out the day they were contacted.  PMSI representatives confirmed an active infestation and provided a proposal for the removal of the bats, the sealing of the existing entrances, and the treatment of affected areas for bat related parasites which can linger even once the bats are removed.  PMSI returned on Friday November 13th to install a one-way bat valve which allows the bats to exit but not return. After 7 days, the bat valve is to be removed, the area inspected again and then treated for parasites. The total proposed expense is $675.

Clubhouse HVAC

Director Robert Middleton, Vice-President Dr. James Coates, and I continue to investigate options and the associated costs for the improvement of lower level air quality in the Clubhouse, with a focus on the fitness area.  At this time, we have met with five air quality/HVAC contractors with the goal of gaining recommendations and pricing from each to improve air quality/cleanliness and humidity control.  The fifth contractor was just out this Tuesday, so at this point, we are still waiting for receipt of some proposals/recommendations.  We anticipate having a comprehensive set of recommendations along with the associated pricing in the coming weeks and anticipate having this to the Board once all submitted options have been reviewed, organized, and researched. An exact timetable has not yet been established.

Undeveloped Area Roadwork

Work on the undeveloped area roads including the emergency exit road was halted last month due to complaints from a neighboring landowner who reported unpermitted land disturbance and clearing to the County and to the DEQ. The work being performed was normal ditch maintenance, culvert replacement, and road grading (shale and gravel roads), and was not land disturbance as reported. However, the reports and subsequent County investigation, resulted in a delay in the work.  Work will be resuming later this week, and will involve continued drainage area repairs, road grading, and surface gravel applications.

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

November 17, 2020

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