General Manager’s Report, October 2018


Written by Mike Goodwin

On October 17, 2018

Dam Engineer Proposals:  In accordance with the Board’s direction, I have inquired with a number of local engineering firms regarding dam inspections and dam consulting services.  There are two local firms which have a hydraulic engineer on staff qualifying them to perform the necessary services.  Triad Engineering has estimated the biennial dam inspection cost to be $1,300, while Viola Engineering has estimated the cost at $650.  Both firms supplied hourly rates for dam consulting services should they be required, and both firms have provided services related to the LHCC dam in the past.  The proposals for services are part of the Board Book Materials for review.

The dam inspections are the primary expense related to our dam engineering services under normal conditions, as consulting services only are needed when an issue arises, when we conduct a table top exercise with officials, or when a severe weather event is forecast/occurs.  As such, I recommend that the Board select Viola Engineering to provide inspection services and as the engineer of record for consulting services.

Site Plan RFP Responses:  Request for Proposal (RFP) responses for the creation of site plans in three common areas, Beach I, Beach II, and the Hub sports field, were due by 5:00 pm on October 16, 2018.  Three local firms responded with proposals for each location. Those responses have been handed over the Master Planning Committee for evaluation with the expectation that the group will formulate a recommendation for the Board in the near future.

Technology Audit RFQ Responses:  RFP responses for a Technology Audit were due by 5:00 pm on September 28, 2018. Four local tech firms responded with proposals.  Those responses have been handed over to the TechComm Committee for evaluation with the expectation that the group will formulate a recommendation for the Board in the near future.

2019 Security Services RFP Update:  The small group formed by the Board to evaluate security proposals met on Thursday October 4th for an initial discussion of proposals.  The group decided to seek updated pricing from two of the contractors seeking firm pricing based upon an equal number of yearly hours, in order to obtain more directly comparable side by side pricing.  Updated pricing was received from both vendors as of 10/14/2018 and has been distributed to the group.

It is anticipated that the group will meet again in the near future to discuss the proposals.  A recommendation likely will not be fully formulated by the time the Board meets on October 23rd, as questions to the individual vendors are anticipated.  The current contract period ends on December 31st, making a decision time sensitive.  If a recommendation is not available by October 23rd, it may be prudent to have a Special Board meeting early in November to award the contract.  If the Board chooses to wait until November 27th, this would only allow 5 weeks (including the holiday season) for staffing, training, and orientation (this could create challenges if a change in vendor is ultimately decided upon).  In addition, if a change in vendor is made, professional courtesy would necessitate giving as much notice as possible to the current contractor so that they may have time to re-position their staff in other locations.

2018 Guardrail Installation:  The Board allocated funds for the installation of the phase II guardrails at the August 28, 2018 meeting.  Total funds allocated was $20,800.  The specified locations of the proposed guardrails place them in close proximity to underground water and sewer utilities, and thus dictate that much of the installation must be done through hand digging and without the use of a pneumatic post driver.  The posts must also be set in concrete.

Due to these realities, choice of contractor is severely limited in this area.  The primary VDOT contractor in the region, Makco, will not bid the installation due to these requirements as they will only bid installations where a pneumatic driver may be safely utilized.  Long Fence declined to bid due to the relatively small size of the job and the distance from their offices. The sole contractor who submitted a proposal was Kidwell Fencing out of Winchester.  Kidwell has been LHCC’s contractor for all guardrails installed since 2010.

Kidwell’s proposal follows this report.  Due to recent increases in metal prices (approx. 20% increase this year in raw materials), and materials availability, Kidwell is proposing that both new and used materials be utilized.  He proposes utilizing primarily new rail material and primarily used post material (all used materials to be coated with galvanized treatment).  He has also recommended that LHCC extend the guardrail at the corner of South Lakeview Drive, Lake Holiday Road, and Lakeview Drive by 18 feet (over that which was called for in the original plan) in order to more fully protect drivers.  His total price as proposed is $17,550.00 and comes in under the amount allotted.

Comcast Proposals:  Office staff recently reached out to Comcast Business Services regarding service availability, pricing, options, etc. with the goals of bringing high-speed internet services to the maintenance facility, removing the current point-to-point wireless, and possibly reducing phone and internet expenses.

The historic lack of high-speed options at the maintenance facility led to the use of a wireless point-to-point set up for data transfer from the Gatehouse to the old office building, and from the old office to the Maintenance Facility.  This set up has worked fairly well and allowed the Association to overcome some practical difficulties when it was deployed.  At present, the data transfer over the point-to-point system creates difficulties when viewing the cameras or recording video remotely, often making documentation of incidents nearly impossible.

Comcast has proposed installation of cable to the maintenance facility so that they may provide service to the facility.  It is anticipated that this will drastically improve camera interfacing abilities; will allow the Association to discontinue use of the old office building for data communications transfer; and will allow LHCC to move away from the point-to-point system.
Comcast estimates that installation of cable to the site will cost $12,000.

In order to undertake this level of investment, Comcast has proposed a three-year agreement and the bundling of VoIP phones and internet services at all three locations. This would result in the discontinuation of Virtual PBX services, and the discontinuation of analog services through Verizon at all three locations.  The primary benefits would be the addition of high-speed internet to the maintenance facility and the ability to forgo use of the point-to-point system.  Secondary benefits include a small reduction in recurring monthly expenses (approximately $200 savings per month is anticipated), the addition of cable TV in the Clubhouse Great Room (desirable for special events, activities), and the addition of a VoIP conference phone for meetings.  Comcast has verified portability of the current main office phone number.

The TechComm Committee has reviewed the Comcast proposals and has recommended proceeding with a commitment of not more than three years.  Staff recommends accepting the Comcast proposals and proceeding with the switch-over as soon as installation requirements will allow.

Maintenance Notes:  The maintenance department has been busy addressing roadside drainage issues and repairing some road issues in the undeveloped areas now that they have a backhoe back in operation.  The crew is in the process of repainting the caution stripes on all existing speed bumps and plan to finish the remainder of them this week.  Mowing continues for now, but is finally beginning to wind down now that the average temperature is declining and the daylight hours are growing shorter.

Crew members have been replacing a few mailbox pedestals at a time (in coordination with the Post Office, schedule must work for USPS) and should have all of the badly deteriorated stands replaced over the course of the next several weeks.  Once those are replaced, the crew will plan to repaint the boxes as needed in the spring (or if the weather allows perhaps prior to that time).

The crew will begin construction of the Bocce Ball Court as soon as the weather and ground conditions allow (most materials are already on hand).  Once the court is completed, the two benches approved for that area will be installed as well (these have been built).

Eligibility Verification Underway:  I am currently working on the voter eligibility list and verification for the upcoming election.  With the assistance of other staff members, we anticipate having the final list completed this week. Once done, I will be able to provide a quorum requirement number to the Board.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mike Goodwin, General Manager

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