General Manager’s Report,


Written by Mike Goodwin

On March 17, 2021

March, 2021

Project Updates:

HVAC Upgrades

The HVAC upgrades contracted for the lower level of the Clubhouse have been completed, and all systems are functioning well and as intended. Air Care Services completed the work on time and at the proposed price. Although it is difficult to quantify the exact level of improvement in air quality (without significant testing), the circulating air is now UV treated, filtered at near HEPA filtration levels, and is humidity controlled, and is most certainly of far better quality than before the improvements were undertaken.  Anecdotally speaking, the air smells noticeably fresher now.

Fitness Center

Winchester Flooring has completed the installation of the 8MM thick black interlocking rubber tiles in the fitness center.  The tiles provide a noticeable improvement in cushioning/shock absorption when walking in the room as compared to the carpet which previously covered the concrete floor. The flooring was completed on budget as proposed for a cost of $7,500.

The maintenance crew will be coordinating with Dr. Coates this week regarding the exact placement of the fitness equipment and moving it back into the room. Once that has been completed, our fitness center repair technician, Blake, will reassemble the Nautilus equipment prior to the end of March.  

2017 Kubota M7060 Engine Replacement

Winchester Equipment has completed the engine replacement and the M7060 was returned to service on March 5th.  The new engine has a one-year warranty and is performing perfectly as expected since the tractor’s return.  Diagnoses and repairs came in just under the estimated expense at a cost of $20,089.40.

Association AED Replacement

I recently received notice from Philips regarding a product recall on the Association’s Philips brand HeartStart AED.  The AED is a 2006 model and has been in use since that time when purchased. The recall is in response to a critical circuit board malfunction which has reportedly resulted in at least four deaths.  The recalled unit is not being repaired (no recall repair option is offered), but Philips has allowed a rebate of $725 toward replacement with a new model.  The new model retails for $1,354.00 but after the rebate, is being procured for $661.16 with tax.  The new AED should arrive within the next week and comes with an 8-year warranty and a 4-year battery life warranty.

Undeveloped Area Roadway and Drainage Improvements

The ongoing roadway and drainage area improvements in the undeveloped areas of the lake’s southside have resumed now that the weather has begun to improve.  Remaining brush accumulated during the fall and winter cleanup/restoration work is being removed/chipped, road surfaces are being touched up, and grass seed is being planted as needed to further stabilize the soil. We anticipate continuing in this effort as weather and time allows this spring and summer. 

There are funds currently available and actively accumulating in the Capital Improvement Fund slated for the improvement of the Beach III access road and for the addition of sand to Beach III.  While we are working on the roads in that area, it would be possible to go forward with some improvements to that access road this year.  Ideally, we would regrade the roadway surface to provide positive drainage, redefine the drainage areas to better control runoff, and where/if possible, widen that access road some to better allow trucks (such as sand delivery trucks, firetrucks, etc.) to access the beach area.  Widening the road very much, would require a fair bit of work, would require tree removals, and likely would require permitting, etc. Would the Board like for me to move forward with feasible improvements this year?  Although there are funds available, I do not know the desired timing of the planned improvements or exactly what is planned improvement wise, perhaps a more substantial improvement is ultimately desired, and funds should be allowed to continue accumulating for now in preparation for the ultimate goal.

I know the issue of sand being placed there has come up at various times, but I do not know if a plan for sand has been developed (how large an area, what grade of sand, etc.).  Ideally, the road would be improved prior to any volume of sand being brought to the beach as at this time the size of truck accessing the beach is limited by the roadway in.  The Board’s input and direction on these items would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Submitted March 17, 2021 by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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