General Manger’s Report, January 2020


Written by Mike Goodwin

On January 22, 2020

Maintenance Staffing Update: Three current LHCC maintenance employees recently submitted applications for the open Maintenance Supervisor position. The applicants were considered based upon their experience, their work record and their time of service with LHCC. All three applicants have had favorable performance records, and it was a difficult decision in many ways, but ultimately, Mike Clark was selected to fill the position. Mike has been employed with LHCC since August of 2016 and was the senior applicant from within the department. Mike assumed his new duties as of January 6th, 2020.   Management looks forward to working with Mike going forward and believe that he will do well in the position.

In other news, Noah Wheatley has announced that he will be leaving the department to pursue opportunities elsewhere.  Noah has been with the department since May of 2018 and has proven a highly reliable and attentive employee.  We are sad to see him go and wish him the best in his future endeavors.  Noah’s last day will be Friday January 24th, 2020.

With Mike’s promotion and Noah’s looming departure, two maintenance positions were left open in addition to the new position being added during the 2020 fiscal year.  Over the past couple weeks, Jill Whitacre, Mike Clark, and I have interviewed a number of applicants to fill these positions. At this time, all available positions have now been filled, and we welcome Michael Smith, Cary Allamong, and John Friel to the LHCC maintenance team. We look forward to working with them all toward the betterment of Lake Holiday.

Collection Efforts and Payment Plans: It is once again that time of year when collection efforts entail the filing of liens against delinquent member properties.  Jill Whitacre will begin filing liens in February.  When such liens are filed, they are filed to include all dues accelerated for the 2020 fiscal year as well as those past due amounts as allowed by law. 

Members who are delinquent may be able to avoid such actions by arranging and agreeing to a payment plan which will bring your account back into good standing.  Delinquent members wishing to avoid the encumbrance of a lien may contact Association Bookkeeper, Shannon Lanham, to arrange payment plan details. Shannon may be reached by phone at 540-931-0951, or by email at

Trash Compactor Advisory: On December 29th, 2019, the trash compactor had a malfunction and was temporarily non-functional. Rather than wait until the compactor was working again, a number of members simply threw their bags, boxes and assorted trash on the ground.  Mike Clark responded to the site immediately upon notification of an issue and locked the entry gates down so that others could not drive in until the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, many members had already dumped their trash on the ground. This resulted in an enormous mess which then had to be cleaned up by hand. A full dump truck and a full pickup load of trash were picked up and hauled out to the landfill as a result.

As noted on the signage at the facility, trash must be placed in the compactor. At no time may trash be legitimately placed upon the ground. This includes times when there may be a mechanical issue such as occurred on the 29th.  If members find the compactor out of order or not functioning for whatever reason, they have the option of returning once the issue has been resolved or of taking their garbage to the county convenience site at Gainesboro.

33 citations were issued based upon a review of the video surveillance footage of the illegal dumping.

Information Security Awareness Training : Office staff members recently completed security awareness training modules designed to heighten information security awareness. Training was provided though’s automated security awareness program at no charge to the Association. Thank you to TechComm Committee member, Juan Hernandez, who provided me with his contact at KnowBe4 to get things started.

Project Status Updates:

Server Replacement: The office domain server replacement approved by the Board in November, has been purchased, installed and is now in service.  The migration to the new server went well, and no down time or interruption of services was necessary.

Front Entry Gate Operators: The front gate operators were installed by Golden Seal Enterprises in accordance with the Board’s November approval during the week of January 13th, 2020. The operators are working well, and the installation went as planned.

Website-related: Office staff are now using MailChimp as the primary means of mass communications to the membership.  The old email blast system, which was a part of the Association Voice website, will no longer be available as of the end of January due to the cancellation of those services.

Mike Goodwin, LHCC General Manager

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