GM Report, February 2021


Written by Mike Goodwin

On February 16, 2021

February 2021

General Manager’s Report

Beach II Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Beach II RFP has been disseminated to seven local excavating/land development firms.  The packet was electronically delivered to the following firms on or before February 16, 2021:

  • Gary’s Excavating
  • E.R. Neff Excavating
  • Pine Knoll Construction
  • Kee Construction
  • Keystone Builders
  • Corbin Construction
  • Trustland Construction

Proposals are due by the close of business on April 19, 2021 allowing just over 60 days for submissions in accordance with Board directions.

Clubhouse Related Updates:

HVAC Upgrades

A contract with Air Care Services has been executed in accordance with the Board’s approval, and the materials for the upgrades have been ordered.  I have not yet received a start date for the upgrades. I will send that information on to the Board once the materials have arrived and a date has been established.

Fitness Center

I have contacted Chuck at Winchester Flooring, and he is currently updating his proposal and checking on product stock/availability.  Chuck indicated that once the materials are on hand, work could begin approximately two weeks later. The flooring (chosen previously) is 8MM thick black interlocking rubber tiles.  I will update the Board once an updated price and product availability have been received.

The maintenance crew has moved all but the Nautilus equipment out of the room, and we have taken the opportunity to apply two new coats of paint to the room (same color as before).  In addition, the crew has replaced all lightbulbs to bring them all into the same light spectrum and create more uniform lighting. We have arranged to have the Nautilus disassembled, moved out, and then reassembled once the flooring has been completed.  The plan will be to move the Nautilus out the week prior to floor installation beginning.

2017 Kubota M7060 Engine Failure

The Association’s 2017 M7060 has experienced catastrophic engine failure and unfortunately, is no longer under warranty protection.  The tractor was purchased in June of 2017 and was roughly $40k at that time (we had a trade in, but that was retail value). The powertrain warranty began on 6-30-2017 and expired on 6-30-2020.

Winchester Equipment stated that the head casket blew, and that heat buildup has caused damage to the cylinder walls necessitating complete engine replacement.  I have requested additional information including answers to the following questions: are the sleeves lined? (often the case). Is there a legitimate rebuild option? If so, what would be the cost, and is there any warranty on a rebuild. If replaced, what would be the warranty period on the new engine?

At this time, I have not received answers to those questions but am hopeful that I will have that information by Board meeting time.  After conversation with President Traczyk, I am also seeking information regarding trade-in allowance and outright purchase offer (if Winchester equipment is willing to make an offer to buy it outright) in the tractor’s current condition.  I hope to have this information available for consideration as well by meeting time.

I have a quote for a new engine replacement, and the expense is staggering in my opinion, at roughly half the cost of the tractor when originally purchased.  The engine alone is 15,936.11 and with installation, tax and shop fees, the total cost would be an estimated $20,290.43.

Clubhouse Wedding Rental Issue

An Association member has a longstanding Clubhouse reservation for a wedding on April 9th & 10th. Staff recently spoke with him regarding the Governor’s Executive Orders and the limitations they place upon social gatherings.  His contention is that the wedding is an exempted religious service, and that it may legally proceed under the Governor’s current orders.  I asked him to prepare a written request detailing his position so that I may present it to the Board for input/direction at the February meeting, but I have not yet received his request as of this writing.

The Board may wish to discuss this even in the absence of a written request, as the reservation date will be quickly approaching by the time the March meeting rolls around.  The member’s concern as expressed to staff is that he will forfeit his deposits with wedding related vendors, invitations have long ago gone out, and that he is running out of time with few if any options for relocation. If I do receive the written request prior to the meeting, I will promptly forward it to the Board for consideration.

Submitted February 16, 2021 by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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