Gravel Trail Extension Update


Written by Judy

On September 19, 2022

By the Building, Grounds and Safety Advisory Committee

LHCC received a quote from Keystone Builders, LLC for the completion of Phase 2 of the gravel trail system previously approved by the LHCC Board of Directors.

This phase, already marked by flags, will extend from behind the Bus Stop to Masters Drive by the ponds, and onward to Lakeview Drive. The trail is approximately 1-mile in length and will include several drainage culverts.

Most importantly, this phase offers a safer way for students who walk to and from the Bus Stop. The extension also provides residents with an additional route for exercising or enjoying a stroll through the natural habitat along the former golf course.

The current schedule is to complete Phase 2 this Fall weather and ground conditions permitting. LHCC has also requested a quote to repair washout and erosion areas for our existing walkways, also to be completed this Fall weather permitting.

Existing Phase 0 and 1 trails extend from the mail station across from the Clubhouse on Lakeview Drive to Country Club Park, and a loop from the first tee of the Disc Golf Course at the park to the large pond on West Masters Drive and back to the park. A future phase will connect this extension to the loop at Country Club Park.

Phase 1 Gravel Trail Loop Extension Completed in 2021

Photo by Cathy Melcher (used with permission)

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