It’s the Call for Volunteers Time of Year!


Written by Anthony Morelli

On October 21, 2020

Now is the time to support your neighbors! Volunteer for a committee! Your neighbors need you; your time, knowledge, skills, and ideas to move the community forward.

Following the October Board of Directors Election and Organizational Meeting (when the committee liaisons are typically identified from the board), all committees have their organizational meetings at which time they reaffirm when they meet (day & time), elect a chairperson, and yes, while anyone can join a committee at any time, the new season is a great time for new members! Just do it! Some committees need more help than others, so check on them and see where your knowledge, skills, and abilities will prove helpful.

The Architectural Committee ensures all Policies, Rules and Procedures (PRPs), Bylaws, and Covenants of Deeds of Dedication are upheld within private lots.

The Compliance Committee conducts peer reviews for alleged breach of Policies, Rules and Procedures (PRPs), Bylaws, and Covenants of Deeds of Dedication.

The Activities Committee organizes and encourages community spirit through a variety of activities throughout the year.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee, in concert with the General Manager, oversee improvements/repairs to Lake Holiday facilities/structures in common areas.

The TechComm Committee provides assistance, research, and advice involving technology & communications to the Board of Directors and Office Staff.

The Finance Committee, with the Treasurer, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors ensuring fiscally responsible policies/procedures are implemented.

The Lake Committee preserves/enhances the health, quality and conservation of the lake promoting/overseeing safe/responsible operation of recreational lake activities.

The Master Planning Committee maintains/updates the Master Plan, assists in asset management and budgets for future enhancements with input from committees.

The Safety Advisory Committee works to enhance security and safety solutions in Lake Holiday common areas.

Call the office and volunteer today! Thank you for your consideration.

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