January 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On February 6, 2023

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department crew continues to work through the community removing excess leaf litter from the LHCC drainage ditches along the roadways.  The intention is not necessarily to remove every leaf, but rather to remove the bulk of the litter so that drainage is not impaired, and debris does not accumulate at culvert pipe entrances.  In many areas, new leaf material blows into these areas from nearby wooded land within just a few days of cleaning, making total removal an impossible task.  There are approximately 18 miles of paved roadways within Lake Holiday, with drainage areas on both sides in many locations, resulting in a very large task for the crew.  The freshly repaired leaf vacuum is performing well and is helping to speed progress in this endeavor. 

We have seen areas where members have either blown or raked leaves from their private lots out into the drainage ditches and/or the common areas near the ditches. This is evidenced by huge piles of leaves that obviously did not simply blow into the area by natural means. Thankfully this has been limited to just a few instances.  I would remind all members that the leaves on their personal property are not the Association’s responsibility to remove and should never be placed into the common areas or the ditches.  Doing so is inappropriate (illegal dumping) and results in additional work and expenses that other members should not have to foot the bill for. Please do not place your leaves into the common areas by the roadways. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The maintenance crew is also working to redefine and remove accumulated debris and sediment from the drainageways surrounding beach I.  This will serve to prevent much of the erosion we witnessed this past season during heavy rains and will help to keep the sand where it belongs, on the beach, in the coming season.

Road Work

We experienced a nice break in the cold temperatures along with dry weather at the very end of December and during the first few days of January. This weather break allowed Wilson’s Asphalt to complete some of the work LHCC was seeking to complete in 2022.  Completed items included marking the marina handicapped parking area and its crosswalk and applying crack filler as needed to the Clubhouse and bus stop parking lots.  In addition, Wilson’s was able to mark 15 stop bars, 12 speed humps, and three previously existing crosswalks which had been obscured during September’s round of tar and chip applications.

Trash Facility Improvements Update

As I am sure most are aware, the trash facility reopened on December 1 as planned after completion of the concrete drive loop and a concrete pad for the open top dumpster. The site is much improved in terms of accessibility and in terms of maintainability.  The new configuration allows the maintenance crew better access to the areas under and around the compactor for the purpose of cleaning up any spilled garbage.  We ask that residents always shut the compactor door after each use in order to limit the amount of debris that ends up on the ground, and to prevent wildlife from entering the compactor. Thank you for your attention to this important detail. 

Playground Update

The replacement of the aging playground equipment at the Clubhouse and the addition of the new playground area at Country Club Park were completed at the beginning of December. The vendor did an excellent job installing the playgrounds and the accompanying benches, and the areas have been well received by the membership. I have witnessed many children taking advantage of the warm weather by utilizing the new playground at Country Club in recent days, and it is great to see them benefiting from the additional amenity. 

Bus Stop Vandals

The lidded plastic trash can at the school bus stop has been the focus of repeated acts of vandalism in recent days with obscene illustration and vulgar writing being applied with paint and markers.  This has occurred on at least three occasions so far with the can being repainted in between.  One member voluntarily come forward with their child and their child has taken responsibility for participation in one of those occurrences (it is great to witness such responsible parenting). However, there have been reoccurrences after that specific incident. Not only do such occurrences create unnecessary work and expense for LHCC, but they also result in uninvolved children and parents being exposed to the vulgarity.

On behalf of the community, I ask that parents please speak with their children to ask that they not participate in such, and if they witness such, to please report the behavior.  In addition, if you are a parent who routinely visits the bus stop, I ask that you help keep an eye on behaviors there, and report anything you witness.  Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in keeping the community clean and keeping the vulgarities out of our common areas.

Submitted January 17, 2023, by:    Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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