January 2023 President’s Report


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On February 6, 2023

January 24, 2023

Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to decompress over the holidays and enjoy getting together with family and friends.

The first LHCC committee chair orientation occurred on January 5th with all chairs attending. A power point presentation reviewed the updated PRP (Policies, Rules and Procedures) for Committees, Subcommittees, Working Groups and Task Groups, Goldberg’s Rules for Associations, Code of Conduct and POAA (Property Owners’ Association Act of the Code of Virginia).

 Several new issues came up. The POAA requires agendas to be published to the members when the committee receives them.  This has not been happening.  Agendas will now be submitted to Judy at the office and posted on the website.  Agendas will be due three days prior to the committee meeting.  Approved committee minutes will be posted with the agendas. Hybrid meetings (online and in-person) are discouraged due to difficulty with committee members hearing each other.  Unless there is a covid outbreak, the board would like a committee meeting to be in-person at least once a quarter. Cathy Melcher presented the communications portion of the briefing.  This included a new look ahead email, “What’s Happening in Lake Holiday” which is revealed in the communications tab in this board book. Brief committee minutes with a recommended format plus a format for presenting Tabs in the board book was provided.

The Clubhouse Parking Lot Solutions Working Group has met twice.  Their meeting reports are in this board book.  A Town Hall has been scheduled for Saturday, February 25th at 10am. All members who have issues with parking during weekends and holidays at the clubhouse/beach should plan to attend to listen to what the working group is considering and make their own recommendations. Members can also send their ideas to communityinput@lakeholidaycc.org. There were many complaints in the 2022 survey regarding not enough parking for members during the summer season.

Waterfront Contracting completed the marina anchoring project a week before Christmas.  The community experienced some high winds around Christmas, but there was no dock movement! The work on the gangway ramps is almost complete.  Steve Herring, a member, remained very involved in watching over the project even during the week of extreme low temperatures. There is a detailed article in the December newsletter and on Lake Holiday’s website and Facebook page about the marina project.

We have a new vendor to run the summer season snack shop in the clubhouse. The vendor is actually the prior vendor who was with us for many years, Lakeside Snacks and More. They will begin operations just before Memorial Day on Friday afternoons and the weekends. The board is happy to have Crystal back, she was a pleasure to work with.

Reading Landscapes has continued to work their contract. There are two new patios by Beach I.  One is a small circular patio near the beach walkway with a sitting wall and new plantings.  This patio is merely a place for people to sit and contemplate the lake! No firepits, please! The other patio is behind the clubhouse and faces the best view of the lake!  The four metal picnic tables will be placed there. Metal railings will be added for safety. This area also has new steps to the beach. This patio will be available to sit and eat snack shop food or for bringing your own picnic and beverages. The bridge to the beach will be painted and new wood placed on the bottom. The maintenance crew is working on improving the drainage ditch running under the bridge which will stop much of the runoff of stormwater onto the sand.  When that is completed, Reading will return this spring to improve the path on top of the ridge. Reading is presently working on the front entrance landscaping. There had to be some design changes after we found out from the county that any new sign placed at the end of the road would have to be at least 10 feet behind the property line.  The old directional sign was on the property line. 

During this board meeting, money left in the capital improvement fund was approved to purchase new benches for Beach I and II and the picnic area behind the clubhouse.  The benches will look similar to those at the dam.

Which brings me to the new playgrounds!  Check them out.  The tot lot at beach I was replaced and there is a new one at Country Club Park, which I understand is getting a lot of use even in cold weather.  There are new swings located at the park as well.  Great job with this project, Tammy, and the Building, Grounds and Safety Advisory Committee!

In the technology realm, Master Planning Committee will be the test group for trying out the new member log in system.  If all is well, the website will begin to have material that is password protected and no longer open to the public.  This will include a member directory. Beginning in March, we will be initiating a new visitor management system at the gate. Members will need to register to obtain their ability to log in to the website and the system that will be replacing Capsure.  There will be more information about all this in the month of February, so begin preparing for change! At the committee chair orientation, a committee meeting communication kit was discussed.  This would include purchasing a new owl, inexpensive laptop and large monitor.  All this and cables would be put together specifically for committee use.  A test group of board members had an Office 365 training session including use of Sharepoint and Teams.  A training session for the rest of the board plus committees is being considered.

Pat Majewski

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