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On February 6, 2023

The Board voted on the following issues:

• Per Resolution 2009-10 Delinquent Assessment Bad Debt Write-Off, the Board is responsible for declaring Bad Debt based on recommendations from the GM and the Treasurer. Remove $254,656.06 of bad dept from Accounts Receivable and move to the Delinquent Accounts File.

• Approved GKY and Passage Creek Environmental engineering proposal for final lake BMP design and permit support for lake catch basins with funding to come out of Replacement Reserve Funds.

• The Board tabled the measure to form a Natural Resources Task Group under Master Planning Committee by combining the lake and stream conservation and forest management working groups until the Lake Committee is informed and provides comment.

• Approved implementing a required LHCC Event/Activity Form for all event/activities; launch a “What’s Happening” news summary to reduce one-off emails; migrate completed amenities from the Master Plan to the website; and transition FAQs to a more logical “How Do I” page on the website.

• Approved funds to engage Crane’s Welding for the replacement of the wooden fence with metal railing and addition of safety railing for the patio addition behind the Clubhouse using CIP funds not to exceed $6K. In addition, a handrail shall also be considered with a NTE of 1.5K.

• Approved the procurement of 10 Belson Outdoors 6’ Recycled Plastic Malibu benches, cedar in color, with a cost not to exceed $6,000 using CIP funds, that were not used for the playground equipment in 2022.

• Approved a Town Hall meeting to discuss Clubhouse parking solutions for the summer on 25 Feb 2023, from 10am to noon to garner suggestions/discussion from the community. Submit ideas in advance by emailing communityinput@lakeholidaycc.org.

More details in the Board Book, which can be found on the Lake Holiday website.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be 28 Feb at 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse Great Room.

Clubhouse Parking Solutions Town Hall, 25 Feb (Sat) 10am to 12pm.

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