July 2023 President’s Report


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On August 15, 2023

July 25, 2023

Lake Holiday had a wonderful July 4th celebration this year.  The fireworks were some of the best we have ever had and those who were in the boat parade put a great deal of effort into their entries.  One of our Board directors, Mary Lewia, won the grand prize with her sailboat decked out as a pirate ship!

I heard from many owners who said that attending the fireworks at the clubhouse was well attended but not rowdy or overwhelming as it has been in the past.  Many credited the new parking placards for those improvements. The shuttle service was well used and went smoothly.

Weekends on the beaches this year have not been as crowded and the parking lot often has space available. The parking placard system and the gate security officers enforcing no unauthorized visitors entering the community has helped keep our amenities primarily for the residents of Lake Holiday and their families.

I continue to spend time at the front gate with the officers and am amazed at the number of people who come to the gate saying they are going to the lake and do not know anyone who lives here!

Please remember that dogs are not permitted on Beach 1 or Beach 2. Residents are continuing to let their dogs run off leash on these beaches.  Beach 3, the dog park and the walking trails are available for dogs.  Keep your dog on leash when on the trails and please clean up after your dog.

Several owners have expressed an interest in being the editor of a newsletter for the community.  We hope to have the newsletter articles out to the members again as soon as possible. The new Communication Solutions Committee will be working on new and better ways to get information out to the community.

The Board has approved a new Resolution to foreclose on seriously delinquent houses and utility lots in Lake Holiday. The office is working on compiling a list of these delinquencies and they will be turned over to the association attorney to initiate the proceedings. If necessary, these homes and lots will be sold at public auction on the courthouse steps. Because these members do not pay their assessments, the burden falls upon all the other members to compensate for this by higher assessments for everyone else.

The Finance Committee has been working hard this year to provide a budget for 2024 to be approved by the Board of Directors in September. Due to significant inflation, and the higher cost of services and contracts, there will need to be a small increase in assessments for next year.  Assessments have stayed flat for about five years and are still much lower than most other property owners’ associations in Virginia and elsewhere. We sincerely hope this will not put undue burden on the members, but it is necessary in order to continue to maintain and operate the community.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and our beautiful community!

Pat Majewski, Board President

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