July 3rd Traffic Pattern Change


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On June 19, 2023

July 3: 2-10 pm One-Way Only/Parking Restrictions on Lakeview and 4-11 pm Shuttles to/from Overflow Parking

Traffic Pattern Change, Parking Restrictions and Shuttles to Overflow Parking on July 3

  • Beginning at approximately 2 p.m. on July 3, drivers heading to the Clubhouse shall proceed to W. Masters Drive and turn left on Lakeview Drive to proceed to the Clubhouse. Parking is restricted to the south side of Lakeview Drive only, between W. Masters and Country Club drives (see map).
  • These temporary measures assist emergency vehicles responding to any 9-1-1 calls at or near the Clubhouse and help pedestrians returning to parked vehicles. Patrol Officers will monitor roads and common areas and direct traffic leaving the Clubhouse parking lot following the fireworks event.
  • A shuttle service has been contracted this year and from approximately 4-11 p.m., two shuttles will circulate approximately every 15-minutes from the Clubhouse to overflow parking lots at Country Club Park and the Bus Stop (see map). Alternatively, consider carpooling with neighbors or reserving a driving service (at your own expense).
  • As a reminder, visitors shall be accompanied by an owner or tenant at all times.
Traffic-Flow on July 3 from ~2-10 pm:
  • One-way flow on Lakeview, from W. Masters to Country Club drives:
  • “Enter Only” barricade at intersection of W. Masters and Lakeview drives.
  • “Do Not Enter” barricade at Country Club and Lakeview drives (follow detour).
  • “Detour” signs at various locations, including Country Club, Lakeview and W. Masters drives.

Parking Restrictions on Lakeview and South Lakeview Drives:

  • Parking is not permitted on the north side of the road.
  • Parking is permitted only on the south side of the road (lakeside).
  • Violators of PRP 5, Entry Road Use and Parking shall receive citations.
  • Vehicles shall not block any private driveways or impede traffic along South Lakeview Dr. at the dam.
  • Illegally parked vehicles may be cited and/or towed. Phone Number for Wayne’s Towing is (540) 888-3283.

Dashboard Parking Placard Requirement:

  • Dashboard Parking Placards must be displayed at all times, July 1-4, at Beach 2/Campsites; Clubhouse/Beach 1 (including Tot Lot, Sports Court, Marina, Marina Dr.) and vehicle-with-attached boat trailer parking lot.

Overflow Parking:

  • When the Clubhouse lot is full, a designated Drop Zone is available near the Clubhouse for passengers and beach items.
  • Drivers can proceed to overflow parking areas at Country Club Park on Country Club Dr. (limited spaces) or the Bus Stop on Lake Holiday Rd.

New for 2023 – Shuttle Service provided from ~4-11 pm:

  • Signage designates the shuttle drop-off/pick-up zone near the Clubhouse.
  • Shuttles circulate from the Clubhouse, Country Club Park and Bus Stop lots approximately every 15 minutes.
  • Riders must be approved visitors and access overflow lots via the front gate.
  • Following the fireworks, only drivers should shuttle to their parked car, then return to the Clubhouse to pick up passengers and beach accessories.

Beach 3 Closure and Other Restrictions:

  • Beach 3 and the road leading to Beach 3 is closed the entire day on July 3 for fireworks set-up.
  • Boats/kayaks/canoes/paddleboards and all flotation devices shall maintain a safe distance from Beach 3.

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